Why Your Business Partnership Needs a Written Agreement

Why Your Business Partnership Needs a Written Agreement

In many ways, a business partnership can be similar to a personal partnership. Both parties involved in these types of partnerships must have a clear understanding. Particularly in business, the understanding must be documented in writing.

If something happens to a partner there’s a disagreement among partners or there’s an alteration within the relationship, everybody has to be aware of “what happens if.” The Partnership arrangement is the best method to ensure that the business and personal aspects of the partnership can last.

What is a Partnership Agreement?

The partnership contract is an agreement or agreement between partners who are in a partnership, which spells out the conditions and terms of the partnership between partners, which include:

  • Ownership percentages and the distribution of profit and losses
  • The description of the management rights and duties of each partner
  • Terms (length) for the partnership
  • What is the procedure for bringing the partnership to an end
  • How can a partner buy their part in the company?

A partnership agreement must be prepared before when you begin the partnership. A lawyer can assist you to draft the agreement to ensure you address all of the “what if” questions and ensure that there are no issues after the partnership expires.

Find out more about all terms that a partnership agreement should include within ” Partnership Agreement Terms.”

The Importance of the Agreement

In essence, a partnership agreement is to handle any situation in which there could be disagreement, confusion, or even the need to change.

Here’s the reason every partnership needs to have an agreement at the start:

  • To define the roles and responsibilities of each partner, and to define the process of making decisions. Which partner is the managing partner? What are the roles of each partner individually? What is the role of each partner? alter?
  • To stay clear of tax issues by declaring an understanding of the tax-related situation for the company laid out, and to demonstrate that the partnership has distributed profits according to accepted accounting and tax practices.
  • To avoid legal and liability concerns, spell out the responsibility of each partner ( general partners vs. limited partners) and the responsibility of all partners if there is a liability concern in the case of one partner.
  • To manage modifications in partnerships due to life-changing challenges of the partners who move away to become incompetent or ill divorced or die. This is usually addressed through purchase agreements with the partners.
  • To outline the conditions in which potential partners can join the partnership.
  • To resolve partner problems with partners to address partner issues, such as deal with partner issues, such as a conflict of interests or non-compete agreements.
  • To override state laws. Certain states have mandatory clauses in partnership agreements. But, the language you choose could not be suitable for your specific partnership. If there isn’t an official written agreement or contract, you could end up needing to follow the default laws of the state.
  • To help resolve disputes. It’s a good idea to include a clause in your partnership agreement that outlines the way disputes are handled. Are arbitral proceedings be an option? What is the role of the parties involved in the dispute? Who is responsible for what?

Why You Need an Attorney to Help Prepare a Business Partnership Agreement

The main drawback to having the partnership agreement is the possibility of having the language unclear or not complete. A DIY partnership agreement is at risk of not having the right wording or a poorly written agreement is more damaging than one that’s not even.

An attorney who can assist you in creating your partnership agreement may seem like a cost and time-consuming task. It’s not. If it’s not written down there is no way to verify it So putting every potential scenario or contingency in an agreement between partners can help prevent costly and time-consuming lawsuits and conflict between the partners.

Disclaimer: Information contained in this article, and also on this website is meant to serve general informational purposes. I do not hold the status of an attorney or CPA You should consult your financial and legal experts before signing any kind of contract.


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