What Is the Typical Salary for a Construction Manager?


If you’re currently searching for a job in the field of construction management it is possible to earn a decent salary, but there’s an array of amounts that you could realistically anticipate being offered in particular if you’re new to the field or have no prior experience.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for mid-career construction professionals is approximately $82,000. However, an additional breakdown by the Bureau estimates that you could make anywhere between $50,000 and $150,000 per calendar year for Construction management. There are many factors to take into consideration in determining where you place yourself on that size, therefore let’s take a look at some of the main elements.


In virtually every profession In almost every profession, the more work experiences your have the higher you are likely to make. If you’ve had 10 years of experience in construction and progressed through the ladder to reach your current post, you might be offered an increase in salary than someone fresh out of college but has little or no experience in the real world.

Be sure to make sure you are playing with your strengths. Make sure that your resume or CV accurately reflects the amount of experience that you have especially in relation to managing on the job site. It is possible that you have not had the designation of construction project manager however if you can prove that you have managerial experience this will allow you to achieve a higher start-up rate.


Experience can make you a step ahead in obtaining the best pay but education plus experience can help you reach that median rate much faster. Are you a graduate related to construction? Numerous online programs can help get you there, while you work to make your mark in the field.

When you’ve earned your degree, you can reasonably anticipate being offered an increase in salary over those who do not have a degree and, in fact, many managerial positions that pay well will require it. Be aware of the degree you choose. Study the school in depth particularly if you’re taking the online option. Your education’s quality can determine the kind of offers you’ll receive.

Certifications and Professional Associations

Being a part of different professional associations and trade associations can also have a positive impact on your pay. Being a good-looking member of an organization such as The Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC), for instance, can be an excellent addition to your resume. It shows prospective employers that you’re committed to the field and shows that you’re a full participant in the industry. You’re not just a job-seeker. This is your profession and you’re taking it seriously.

To be more specific it is likely that you will need to be a part of specific associations and have numerous certificates for you to be considered for various posts in the field of construction management. Be sure to emphasize your memberships and the certifications you hold. If you hold more than is necessary to be employed, it could help increase the value of your offer in some cases.

Your Employer

Who is responsible for hiring at the organizations for which you’re applying? If you’re hoping to receive the highest pay it is essential to be working with a hiring supervisor who is respected enough within the ranks so that the salary and hiring decisions aren’t going to easily be rescinded. A lot of internal negotiations could delay your hiring process (including the amount you earn) being held in bureaucracy for some time. While you wait new, better opportunities are going by.

Number of Subordinates

The amount of employees you’ll be managing directly affects what you’re likely to receive. If you’re applying to a professor company, you’ll be near the bottom of the pay scale, based on the annual revenue of the company as well as a variety of other variables.

A more established, larger firm that has more workers will earn you a higher salary each time However, it will insist on the same degree of education, expertise, and the ability to manage large amounts of subordinates successfully.

Working Conditions

It’s no surprise that there’s a range of degrees of risk that are associated with different sectors of construction. Managers who are in higher-risk positions may anticipate higher base salary as well as hazard-pay contingencies which is why if you’re certified within construction fields that are considered high-risk, you may be eligible for a higher than average starting pay even if it’s not because you have many decades of experience prior to entering.

Be aware that the longer you are in a position that is high-risk regardless of the name the more likely that you’ll encounter a risky situation that can result in bodily harm. Be sure to weigh your options and determine if the amount of risk associated with an area of work is worth the increase in the amount of money you earn for working in it.

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