What Does HMU Mean (And How to Use It)


HMU is another acronym that you may have seen online. HMU is used by people to communicate something beyond the reach of modern languages. These acronyms are a great way of communicating your emotions online quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

Are you still confused? You might still be confused about what HMU is, where it came from and how to correctly use it to avoid making a social media faux pas.

What Does HTMLMU Mean?

HMU stands to hit you up. It is used to invite someone to contact you. HMU can be used to refer to phrases such as “contact me”, ‘message me”, ‘call me, or any other form of “get in touch with me to follow up and discuss the matter further”.

HMU is an acronym you can use to encourage someone to get in touch with you, but not right away. This is a great way to remind someone of your presence, or if you are unable to talk right now but don’t want them to lose touch.

HMU is not like “text me” and “call me”. It’s universal and can be used to contact anyone. This acronym allows you to leave the recipient the option of what type of follow-up communication they would like.

Examples for Use

HMU is internet slang. You’ll find it in chats, texting, and most popular internet memes. Email is the only place you are likely to see it unless you receive a short (and informal!) message from someone close to you.

HMU is a common abbreviation to ask for someone to contact you. However, this abbreviation can be used in other situations.

HMU is a popular method of flirting online. You can find profile descriptions such as “hmu” if you enjoy a pina colada or getting caught in the rain on dating apps, like Tinder.

Asking for suggestions or ideas from others is another way to make use of HMU. You can ask your friends on social media for recommendations for restaurants in new cities. He has suggestions

Origin of HMU

Some people link Hit me Up to pagers, a communication device that was popular in the 1990s. Instead of receiving text messages, pagers would beep and display the number of the person trying to contact you.

It is not known where the abbreviation came from. HMU, like many other acronyms, appeared one day on Urban Dictionary. HMU quickly became a popular online trend, and it spread rapidly.

HMU was made an internet meme when users gave it another meaning: hold on to your unicorn. It’s used online only as a joke and as a meme.

HMU is commonly used for flirting so the name was a natural part of the online dating scene. Google will show you a cringe dating website that offers a lot of reviews on other dating apps such as Tinder and OkCupid. They also have a few profiles for women only that don’t look like real people.

You can use this site or another similar one to meet people online. However, you should also read our guide on how to avoid falling for online dating scammers.


Although you can shout “Hit me up” loudly without getting stares, online users should only use the acronym HMU. Depending on the context and situation, there are many ways to use this abbreviation.

Use HMU for Texting

instant messaging applications are the most common place you will see people using HMU or similar acronyms. The correct spelling of an acronym is not a problem. These are the most common variations you will see online.

how use Hum

  • HMU. It can be used alone or in all capital letters to indicate the urgency of a message, contact request, etc.
  • hmu. This version is for those who want to follow the trend of using lowercase letters in writing to make it more casual and laid-back.
  • HMU at the beginning of the end of your message. If you don’t want someone to misunderstand you, it is best to incorporate the acronym into your message.

Contact people back using HMU

HMU isn’t always used in its original format. HMU is another variation of the acronym. This stands for hit me up, which is the opposite meaning of HMU. If you wish to contact them again, you can use the acronym in a text message reply.

Use HMU to create a GIF or Meme

GIFs and memes can be used to communicate the same meaning of HMU on social media or when exchanging messages among friends. Using GIPHY tools, you can now simply open the conversation, locate the option to send GIFs, and then type HMU in the search bar.

You can find HMU memes online to spice up your conversation. You can also make your own HMU memes by using one of these online tools.

Use Acronyms in Your Daily Communication

It is often more enjoyable to talk to someone online than face to face. Have fun and use some abbreviations and GIFs to convey your message.

Are you familiar with the acronym HMU? What other abbreviations are you using in online communication? Comment below to share your experiences with online slang.


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