Visual Guide to Selling Using eBay’s iPhone App

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eBay’s mobile application for iPhone allows the selling process on eBay quicker and more simple than it’s ever been. If you’re brand new to smartphones or iPhones but the idea of creating a complete eBay listing on your smartphone could seem daunting.

Follow the instructions in this guide and discover how easy the process is.

Tap ‘Sell’

When you are on to the eBay smartphone app’s homepage screen, click the ‘Selling’ icon to open your account as a seller.

Tap “List an item”

In the seller’s account screen click the “List an Item” button to initiate your selling procedure.

Scan Barcode

In this section, you’ll be asked to either write out the description of your product (and eBay will begin populating keywords for you to assist in improving your product’s visibility in search) or you can click the barcode-sized icon that’s red and circled on the right.

If you’re selling a common retail item that has an intact UPC symbol, or barcode Tap the barcode icon beside the search box to try to scan the barcode and allow eBay to recognize your item automatically and fill in the relevant parts of the listing for you.

(If your item doesn’t come with an identifier barcode, skip to step 6.)

Aim Camera at Barcode

Take care to aim the camera of your phone at the barcode of the item or its packaging. If the phone can scan the barcode, it will go to the next screen without the need to do anything.

Verify Details

If eBay has successfully identified your barcode, you’ll notice that the title of the listing and category are completed. When you go through the future steps, you’ll have the option to modify the listing title and category.

If eBay was unable to recognize your item using the barcode on it, don’t be concerned, everything needed to make the creation a successful listing can be done by hand. You’ll learn how in the next steps.

Enter Listing Title

Then, you’ll be directed to the “Listing Summary page, in which you’ll be required to list the title of the item.

The title should mention the model and make of your product along with the basic (in the form of one to two sentences) details about its condition, like used, new mint, used, and so on.

Make sure you carefully choose your name so that you increase its visibility in the results of searches.

Begin Category Selection

Once you’ve completed drafting your title and you’re done, click the pencil icon in the field titled ‘Category’ to start the process of choosing the appropriate category to list your items.

Select Category

In this section, you’ll be presented with an extensive, multi-level listing of categories that eBay sellers can choose from. Click on the category that is most appropriate for your product. With the latest version of the eBay iPhone app, you’ll be given a list of categories that are suggested, along with their subcategories that you can choose from.

If you’re unable to find what you’re seeking within the categories suggested You can scroll down to look through the entire list of categories for sellers on eBay.

Add Photo(s)

It is the next stage to include photographs. To do that simply scroll up across the page and then click on the circular blue plus icon. It will prompt you either to capture a photo or select one from your phone’s camera library.

Trim Photo

After you’ve snapped or selected your photo, you’ll then be presented with an “Edit Photo” editor screen. Here you can rotate, enhance the photo, crop it, or even delete the photo completely should it not turn out exactly as you expected. After you’ve edited your image, click “Done” to save your photo to your auction listing, and then continue.

Add/Edit Description

If you’d like to add several photos to the listing it is possible to do so by entering them into this square box that appears on the form to list under the heading ‘Photos.’ After you’ve added your images you can scroll to the field ‘Description located under the “Item Details form section. You’ll need to click on the pencil icon to start writing your product’s description.

Item Description

In this section, you can either edit or update the description you have already entered (if you were able to scan the barcode) or write an item’s description starting from scratch.

When entering your item’s description on your iPhone keyboard, make sure you make your descriptions as precise and as helpful as you can in your descriptions of the item.

Select Item Details

Below the field ‘Description You’ll find ‘Item Details.’ It’s where you can select the condition of the item (used or brand new) including the name of the brand and type of product and any other details that the buyer should be aware of. Once you’ve completed entering any or all the necessary details Click ‘Done’ to keep your data in place.

Listing Type and Pricing

The next step is to make a decision on the pricing options. To do this go to the “Listing Summary form until it reads “Pricing.’ Then, click the pencil icon to start editing. Most of the time, eBay will give you the ‘Recommended’ selling method, for example, holding seven days of auctions that begin at a predetermined price. If you’re not pleased with eBay’s suggestion You can modify your form in order to show the sale method and the price you would like to pay.

In an auction-style sale, you decide on a price for your item and then buyers vie for your product for a specific time. In this instance, you may opt to add an additional Buy It Now price if you select an auction listing, or the Buy It Now prices if you opt for an auction-style listing. fixed price list.

Edit ‘Pricing’

If you make changes to price strategies, you may decide to also turn on eBay’s “Easy Pricing” feature that lowers your initial price gradually over time. This is intended to ensure that your product sells even if you set the price too high at the beginning. You can also choose the time for your listing to start and choose the length of time the auction will run. Additionally, on the “Pricing” page there is also the option of setting the ‘Reserve Price that is, the lowest amount you’re willing to accept, as well as whether you’d like to permit bidders to submit bids.

Select Date and Time

If you’ve decided to schedule the start of your listing you can simply click on the box in which this option is displayed. Instantly, your phone will open the scheduling dial. It will allow you to pick a date and time in the future for when you’d like your announcement to be live. After you’ve selected the date then select “save.” If you did not choose to make your listing available to be scheduled for a later date then do not bother with this step.

Tap ‘Delivery’

Then, scroll to the point where it says “Delivery” and then select the pencil icon to provide shipping details for your product to let customers know when it will take for their order to arrive and what shipping cost.

Select Shipper, Enter Cost

After you tap the Delivery symbol, pick the carrier you’ll choose to deliver the product to the winning bidder or buyer and the amount you’ll charge them for shipping the item.

You can select the package’s details (size) and whether you’d like to ship internationally, and the costs associated, or select “Local Pickup” to indicate that local buyers are able to pick up the item from your house or any other location you prefer. After you’re satisfied with your choices Click ‘Done’ to save your shipping preferences.

Continue the list

After you have entered your shipping details and shipping details, scroll to the end of the form and click or ‘List your product’ preview to see what your listing will look like, or save it for later if you haven’t completed your form, or aren’t yet in the right position to list.

Item Listed!

After a few seconds of tapping the button ‘List Item,’ you’ll get the final confirmation message from eBay detailing any errors eBay discovered and offering you a final opportunity to cancel. If you decide to go ahead with the listing, your item will be registered and eBay shows a confirmation screen that provides you with the listing number as well as a link that takes you directly into the listings. It’s done. Your product is now available for sale!

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