Using a Private Mailbox for Your Home Office

A private mailbox is a good option if you have a home business or an office that does not have employees. A private mailbox can help you manage your mail and packages better.

Private mailboxes can be rented from local mailbox rental companies, PostNet, PakMail, or UPS Stores. This is a different way to have a mailbox than a regular mailbox at the post office (P.O. box). Private mailboxes offer many benefits.

The Benefits

Dependability. No more missing deliveries due to signatures from the receiver. With a private mailbox, your business has someone available during normal business hours to pick up your mail and other large items.

Privacy. A private mailbox lets you keep your home address secret – which is something you might want if your business requires customers to visit your home.

Security. Your packages and mail are protected until you pick them up. You won’t have packages stolen if they are left unattended on your doorstep. You can also ensure that your mail doesn’t pile up in your mailbox if you are away for a few days. This will let people know you are gone.

Mobility. Even if you move to another part of the town, your address will still appear on all printed materials, websites, business cards, and other marketing materials. You can also have your mail and parcels forwarded to another location if you are traveling or working from a different location for a certain period by your private mailbox provider.

Advantages over a traditional post office box

A post office box can be a viable option for your home-based company, but there are many reasons to choose a provider that is not in the United States. Postal Service (USPS), system.

Full-service package receipt. The U.S. The U.S. Postal Service doesn’t accept packages from any other carriers ( UPS FedEx, etc. These restrictions do not apply to private mailboxes.

A street address. There may be other circumstances where you will need an actual street address. box. Private mailboxes use the street address of the mailbox provider and a “#” sign along with your box number. #123.” Some people consider the street address more credible. Important note: You can use “#” to designate your box number. However, don’t pass it off to someone else as a “suite”. While “PMB” is preferred by the postal service, “#,” is recommended.

Private mailbox providers can also offer a range of additional products and services such as shipping and packaging (USPS won’t do this for you). Private mailbox providers usually offer at least one additional shipping provider to handle USPS services. This can help you save money as you have the option to choose from several carriers depending on your destination, weight, and dimensions. Private mailbox providers are usually less crowded than the postal office so it is easier to get in and out.

The proliferation of co-working spaces such as WeWork and ImpactHub offers home-based entrepreneurs more options for setting up private mailboxes. Regardless of the size of co-working spaces, they offer private mailbox services along with their monthly memberships. You’ll also have access to a place where you can work from home, which is a nice bonus.


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