The 8 Best Suits for Men of 2022

The 8 Best Suits for Men of 2022

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A well-made suit is a must for any man, regardless of whether you require a casual outfit to work in or more formal for the workplace or other formal occasions. There are many types of suits available including three-piece suits and suits in tuxedos. You should also consider size, color, material, and the fit, along with features like pockets — all without breaking the bank.

These are the top male suits whatever event you’re attending.

Best Overall: Paul Smith A Suit To Travel In Wool Suit

A Suit To Travel In Wool Suit

The Paul Smith ‘A Suit To Travel In’ suit is a classic but versatile choice. It is available in colors of Navy, Black, and Charcoal It is able to match with a variety of tie and shirt combinations which makes it right for office wear as it is for weddings.

The best part is that this suit for men is made not to wrinkle when you’re moving around (hence the name). Made of 100% high-twist wool yarns it’s much more flexible than your normal suit. Paul Smith even allowed an Olympic gymnast to do an exercise in it to demonstrate that. Therefore, this suit is ideal for anyone who is frequently on the move to work or who has trouble with wrinkles. It has a true-to-size slim-fit It is available in sizes from 36 to 46.

Best Budget: Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit

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At a very affordable price at a reasonable cost, it’s a bargain. Bonobos Jetsetter Wool Suit is almost customizable, with colors, such as grey and navy. It also has a wide selection of cuts available such as Slim, Athletic, and Standard for the blazer in addition to Standard, Slim, Athletic Straight, and tailored cuts for pants.

In addition, this suit for men is available in a variety of sizes. The jackets can be designed in 34R to 48L as well as the pants are made between 28 and 40. This makes it suitable for those who are taller and could help reduce the cost of fitting.

Best Formal: Canali Capri Melange Slim Fit Suit


For formal events like banquets, weddings and even black-tie occasions The Canali Capri Melange Suit is an ideal choice. It’s stylish, elegant, and flexible. It can be put together with a simple white dress shirt or casually dressed with a patterned top.

The jacket is fitted with notched lapels, a 2-button closure, and a chest pocket. There are two flap pockets on the front and four nonfunctional sleeve buttons. It is also double ventilated with a fully lined. The pants aren’t lined or hemmed but they come with a zip fly, buckles, a tab closure and two pockets on the sides, and two besom pockets in the back. This wool suit comes in Italian sizes 46-58 or 36-48 and 36 to 48 in American sizes.

Best for Style: Robert Graham Tonal Plaid Suit

The Robert Graham Plaid Suit is an outstanding alternative to a bold pinstripe or a classic tailored suit. With tri-tonal shades of burgundy, navy, and blue. This man’s suit is elegant and fashionable.

The jacket is elegantly cut. It features a notched lapel, two-button closure as well as a welt chest pocket with two flap pockets in the front and four sleeve non-functional buttons. It’s fully lined with double vents. The pants that are not lined, and flat-fronted have a zip fly that has a tab closure along with two pockets on the side and two pockets in the back. Made in Canada from 100% wool, it’s best to wear this outfit in the winter months. You can choose from sizes 38S to 48R.

Best for Warm Climates: Brooks Brothers BrooksCool Suit

The perfect choice for those in warmer environments The Brooks Brothers BrooksCool suit is made of 100% wool, which is extremely light and breathable. It also has creases and is water-resistant. You can be confident that your outfit will remain dry and dry during hot daytime (or when it’s rainy or humid).

The jacket of the suit is half-lined this helps the suit keep its shape without creating bulk or trapping heat. The suit also features two buttons as well as a central vent. It is available in 42 sizes – 48, this suit for men comes in Long, Regular, and short lengths. It’s only available in charcoal.

Best Big and Tall: Brooks Brothers Two-Button 1818 Suit

Brooks Brothers’ Stretch Wool 1818 Suit is a wonderful tall and big alternative. The best part is that it comes in a broad selection of sizes: Sizes 46-50 can be found with Long as well as Extra Long Size 52 is available in Long and Extra Long and Regular and sizes 54 – 60 are available in Regular as well as Long.

There are also a number of ways to customize your pants. One of them is getting the waist taken out or in 1 inch and choosing inseam lengths of between 28 and 34 inches. If you prefer, you are able to keep the hem as plain as you like or cuffed, you can also choose to make it cuffed, or leave it unhemmed. The two-button suit comes with a choice of Navy as well as Charcoal.

Best Tuxedo: Peter Millar Regular Fit Wool Tuxedo

If you’re in the market for one tuxedo that you can wear for years to come The Peter Millar Regular Fit Tuxedo is a popular option. It is made in Canada It is made from fine wool and the most elegant grosgrain trim.

The jacket comes with four buttons for cuffs and a chest flap. It also has internal pockets, and side vents. The pants are elegantly made and equipped with suspender buttons and a slant pocket with back-button-welt pockets. Furthermore closing the bar and hook on Zip fly is a great design element. The tuxedo can be purchased in sizes ranging from 40-50 Regular and 42-48 Long.

If you’re considering buying an elegant tuxedo, stylist Ali Levine recommends beginning with the lapel. “This is the most prominent and stand-out part of your tux.” Then she advises, “Look at the button style, structure, pockets, collar, and cuff.”

Best Three-Piece: Hugo Boss Hutson5/Gander3 Suit

With its versatility, This three-piece suit by Hugo Boss can be worn as a two-piece suit, or in conjunction with the vest for special occasions. The double-vented jacket comes with an oblique lapel, a two-button closure, four buttons on the sleeves that are not functional, two front pockets, and a welt pocket on the left chest. The jacket is lined, even though it is not lined.

With a zip fly that has a hook closure and is lined, the flat-fronted pants feature the front with two French pockets and two back pockets that are welt. The pants are not hemmed, which means you’ll have to get them cut to fit. You can choose from sizes 36S through 48R.

Final Verdict

Paul Smith (view at Paul Smith (view at Paul Smith) is the ideal choice for a variety of reasons. It is a classic style which is suitable for office wear and other events for many years to be. It can also be flattering to a variety of body types and is ideal for commutes or travel.

What to Look for in Men’s Suits


It is crucial to select the correct material when you purchase an outfit. According to Levine the top fabrics for suits are cotton, wool, and linen. “Wool is the most ideal since it is warm, comfortable, and air-tight. Cotton is another alternative however it is somewhat more casual. Linen is another excellent fabric as it’s light and a bit more luxurious and perfect for summer wear,” she says.

If you’re looking for an outfit that’s more modern, Levine recommends opting for velvet or silk. “Silk is a luxurious material priced a bit more expensive but is stunning. It is extremely comfortable, breathable, allows for temperature regulation, and is suitable to wear all year long. Velvet is another option. The fabric has a shimmer to it. It’s extremely soft to the skin, warm and airy, and just has a general elegance.”


Whatever fabric you select, the fit is crucial. “Suit pants should be perfectly fitted around the waist without a belt required. They should be on top of the hip bone, or perhaps slightly higher. If you feel as if your pants are going to tear, they’re not fitting properly,” She says.

In the case of suit jackets, Levine advises that you make sure the jacket covers about 80 percent of the pelvic and butt area.

Cleaning Instructions

When picking a suit it’s essential to study the instructions for cleaning and maintenance. While the majority of suits are dry-cleaned only, some may be machine washable. If you live far from an establishment that offers dry cleaning or doesn’t want to incur the cost of dry cleaning make sure you look over the label prior to adding the item to your cart. However, keep in mind that even if your garment is machine washable dry cleaning is an effective method of maintaining your suit.

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