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Any person who is frequently dealing with huge amounts of money or coins should have the most efficient money-counting machine that can count or sort coins or bills efficiently and accurately. If you’re in search of the most effective money counters, take a look at whether you require a machine to count coins or cash. After that, narrow the options you have by your budget and the capacity of the machine, its speed, and the capability to recognize counterfeit bills. Below is a list of the best options, which include the machines to count notes, as well as machines that sort and count coins.

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Top All-Round: G-Star Technology Money Counter

G-Star Technology Money Counter G-Star Technology Money Counter can run for two hours in a row and can count 1,000 bills every minute. It is quiet because it employs magnetic and ultraviolet sensors that reduce sound levels. The bills can be loaded at the rear and front sides of this machine, in all directions.

The money counter comes with a fake bill detection percentage of 1/100000 which means you get greater precision and a more reliable final count. The machine ceases to function when it comes across a counterfeit bill, and the bills don’t count as part of the overall. The LED display is easy to read and lets you quickly see the total amount of bills on the stack. It’s important to note that the machine does not determine the total amount of money in the bills that you’ve loaded.

Counting speed: 1,000 bills per minute | Stacking capacity: Not listed | Weight: 14.37 pounds | Dimensions: 9.75 x 6.75 inches.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Kolibri Money Counter

Kolibri Money Counter Kolibri Money Counter efficiently counts 1,000 bills in a minute, using UV-based detection to identify half chain, double or counterfeit money. A straight bill path means that you’ll experience fewer jams so when you’ve loaded your bills correctly, which will save you both time and energy. The machine has automatic stop, start and error clearing features. It is possible to use the batch option to measure bills in groups of 10, 20, 25 50, 100, or 10 bills. Remember, this Kolibri Money Counter counts the number of bills, not the amount of the bills.

This money counter comes with a year warranty. This will be beneficial if you encounter issues with your device within the first twelve months of purchasing. The warranty offers you some security knowing that your machine will be repaired or replaced if it fails to function as expected within the first few months after you’ve bought.

Counting speed: 1,000 bills per minute | Stacker capacity: 200 bills | Weight: 9.9 pounds | Dimensions: 14.4 x 6.9 x 9.8 inches

Best Budget: Domains Portable Money Counter

It is affordable and simple, and the Domains Portable Money Counter does exactly what it claims with no flashes added that can be used to be able to count up to 600 bills per minute. It’s easy to use and weighs 0.86 pounds, it is small and easy to carry around. This makes it perfect for smaller businesses or those looking for an easy, time-saving option for a night of poker. An “add” feature lets you to increase the number if you need to The machine can work in conjunction with over 80% of the world’s paper currency. For the highest efficiency and precision, the bill must be placed neatly and then pressed into a flat.

The counter can be connected to an electrical outlet as well as powered by 4 AAA batteries when you’re on the move. But, unlike its more expensive counterparts, it can only count the number of bills that are put in and does not detect the value or types of bills.

Counting speed: 600 bills per minute | Stacker capacity: Not listed | Weight: 0.86 pounds | Dimensions: 7.48 x 2.755 x 3.74 inches.

Best Value: HFS Bill Money Counter

Its HFS Bill Money Counter can measure all kinds of currencies, up to 9000 bills per minute. the LED display will show the number of bills. It has UV as well as MG detects counterfeit currency and alerts the user when a fake currency is discovered. It has auto-start and stops functions, as well as add-on self-examination, and batch, and batch functions. Its HFS Bill Money Counter is designed to track the number of bills that are sorted by the machine. It doesn’t add any bills nor identify the denomination of the bills that are put into the system.

Counting speed: 900 bills per minute | Stacker capacity: 200 bills | Weight: 11.5 pounds | Dimensions: 11.3 x 10 x 7 inches

Ideal for high volume Multi Denomination Carnation Counter / Sorter

The CR1500 sorts banknotes according to denomination and orientation. It also has an area for rejecting suspected counterfeit bills. The reject pocket lets the machine continue to count money even if there is a counterfeit note identified. Other machines cease counting when they detect the presence of a counterfeit note. It can easily be placed on a desk, counter, or table for simple to use and access.

From the box, The CR1500 will count the banknotes using four different currency types: U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, and British Pound. The CR1500 can also record the number for serialization of every banknote it is counting. This information can be stored and printed out, or exported to the CSV or Excel file for recording purposes. It has batch, add reporting, printing, and batch features. You can also upgrade the software by using either an SD memory card or USB slot when updates become available.

Because of the importance of this counter, you’ll be required to sign the counter when you receive it.

Counting speed: 1,100 bills per minute | Stacker capacity: 200 bills | Weight: 18.7 pounds | Dimensions: 9.9 x 10.4 x 10.7 inches

The best for small-scale businesses: Cassida 6600 Bill Counter

Top-loading Cassida 6600 business grade Currency Counter can count 1400 to 1,400 bills every minute. The machine can store as many as 400 coins. It can process bills in batch mode and also has an additional mode to create an aggregate total that can be displayed on a dual LED display. Magnetic and ultraviolet sensors serve to verify the authenticity of bills to ensure that no counterfeit bills are added to the overall total. If a counterfeit note is found it will stop counting, emit an alarm, and show an error message on the screen. When you have removed the counterfeit bill from the machine and then start it once more, the machine eliminates the counterfeit bill from the total to ensure you get a true bill count.

Choose the one denomination of the bills you’ve loaded and the ValuCount tool will calculate the value in dollars from the coins that were sorted. Be sure to load only one denomination to guarantee that your total is accurate. the machine will not recognize different denominations.

Cassida 6600 Cassida 6600 has a compact size and a retractable handle which makes it simple to carry. This is an excellent option for small-scale business owners who require money-counting in several locations.

Counting speed: 1,400 bills per minute | Stacker capacity: 250 bills | Weight: 10.8 pounds | Dimensions: 11 x 10.2 x 8.1 inches

Second Runner-Up. Ideal to use for Small Businesses: Cassida 5520UV Bill Counter

Cassida 5520UV Bill Counter Cassida 5520UV Bill Counter speeds through 1,300 bills per minute, cutting down the amount of time you need to take to count your money. It uses the technology of ultraviolet to look for security marks within each bill to spot counterfeit bills in your stack. Because of the ValuCount feature, the high-resolution LCDs the dollar value of the entire stack and the number of bills. You’ll need to choose one denomination from the bills you’ve loaded. Also, ensure that you don’t mix with any other denominations to get a precise count.

Counting speed: 1,300 bills per minute | Stacker capacity: 200 | Weight: 11.9 pounds | Dimensions: 9.7 x 11.5 x 7.5 inches

Best Counterfeit Detection Rate: Teraputics Money Counter Elite

Therapeutics Money Counter Elite Teraputics Money Counter Elite can operate for as long as six hours continuously while counting 1200 U.S. bills per minute. The machine has a fake detection rate of 1/8000. It is important to note that even though the machine can detect counterfeit bills, however, it will not notify you when you have a different denomination of money in your pile. The LCD shows the number of bills taken into account. It doesn’t give you the amount that the bill has. The switch to energy-saving mode allows you to cut down on your electricity. You are covered by a 45-day money-back guarantee. can return the appliance at any time within 45 days, regardless what the cause.

Counting speed: 1,200 bills per minute | Stacker capacity: Not listed | Weight: 12.87 pounds | Dimensions: 14.3 x 12.3 x 10.1 inches

Final Verdict

Our top choice for the best money counter is G-Star Technology Money Counter ( look it up on Amazon) because it is capable of working for up to two hours continuously it is simple to read and runs very quietly. It also has a great count rate (1,000 bills per minute) and an extremely accurate counterfeit detection rate.

What to Look For in the Counter for Money? Counter

Counting Speed

The speed at which an electronic money counter is expressed in bills per minute. The rate is generally between 1,000 and 1,400 dollars per minute. There are however lower and more advanced options, such as one hundred or even 1,900 dollars per minute. If you deal with large amounts of cash in a single moment, you’ll require a cash counter that has an increased speed. This can help you cut down on time, which will allow your company to run more efficiently.

Capacity for Stackers

The stacker is the component of the counter that stores each bill after being weighed. Stackers typically come with a capacity of 200 to 250 bills, however, there are counters with bigger capacities. The amount of money it can store will vary based on the way your bills lay when they are brought from the machine. In general, older bills do not be as smooth as the fresher, more crisp bills. The quicker this section is filled, the more time you’ll need to switch it out. If you’re handling lots of money choose a device with more capacity.

Counterfeit Detection

There are many different kinds of counterfeit detection systems that are integrated into counters that count money. They are magnetic, ultraviolet, and infrared. Ultraviolet is the most well-known type and can detect the presence of a fluorescent strip which is placed on the currency but is not visible by the human eye. Magnetic is like UV in that certain currencies are printed using magnetic ink. However, it could be less precise due to the magnetic properties of the ink could wear off with time. Infrared is the least popular type, but it can tell whether or not the ink on the bill can absorb infrared light.

Bill Denomination Detection

Money counters can determine the value of bills by their total value, number, and denomination. In general, the case money counters that can count the total amount of bills, as well as their value, can handle only just one denomination at a given time. However, some models can count the number of bills, calculate the value and then sort the bills according to their denomination. Other features are available such as batching and adding. The batch function lets users specify how many bills they’d like to count to create batches. The add function lets you to add a new bill stack into the hopper and not stop the entire count. The type you require will depend on the amount of money you have to manage. But, having equipment that can perform all of these will make your life easier and allow your business to operate more effectively.

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