The 8 Best File Cabinets of 2022


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In any office, whether large or small, plenty can be going on at any time. The most essential actions you can take to keep your machine in top shape is to keep it organized and reduce the mess to a minimum for your own sanity in addition to the efficiency of your work. When you set up your office way back in the day, you may have concentrated on chairs, desks as well as printers, computers, and computers as the essential tools to accomplish your task however, you probably did not think about storage. From invoices to contracts, businesses are known to produce lots of paperwork, but after they’ve been signed and paid for what do you do with everything?

The humble file cabinet. While these office stalwarts have been around for a long time They’ve seen little change over time, simply because they don’t really need to. Certain, the basic design elements have evolved into the appearance of casters, casters are added to facilitate mobility while locks are added to provide protection, but the fundamental basis of the design stays the same–a large cabinet with drawers that you can pull out for quick access. Office storage solutions aren’t more simple.

If you’re finding that the documents and files are growing faster than you could select “add to cart” these are the top cabinet for filing for you to think about.

The Best overall: Lorell Two-Drawer File Cabine

If you’re looking for a simple two-drawer vertical file cabinet that is budget-friendly it’s impossible to be wrong with this Lorell 2D Drawer Cabinet. Although it’s not the most fashionable furniture item, however, it’s big enough to hold all your files. Each drawer is secured to keep your sensitive information safe.

The simple black cabinet measures just over 24 inches high, 14.5 inches wide, and 18 inches deep. It has 2 drawers which are simple to open thanks to their suspension glide. The Lorell cabinet comes with handles on every drawer and locks, and there are tracks within the cabinet, so hanging files can be used to organize your paperwork.

The reviewers have a lot of positive remarks to make about this cabinet, which includes its lightweight, strong and effectiveness. Many users agree that it is a fantastic buy for your home office and it’s not hard to beat the price.

Best With Lock: Hirsh Industries 2 Drawer Vertical Mobile File Cabinet

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of protection for your sensitive documents the Hirsh two-drawer vertical file cabinet is the best option. This cabinet is constructed using 2 18″ high drawers on the sides which hold files of letter size and is also equipped with tracks to hang folders for files. Built with high-end side drawers, this filing cabinet is also able to be used as office supply stores too. The suspension for the glide drawers allows for smooth operation, as well as the ability to open and close them easily, with a simple lock secured to the drawers. With casters on the back, this file cabinet is 26.5 inches tall, 14.25 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.

Best Lateral: Cyra 2-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet

The lateral file cabinet from Cyra includes an X-pattern design on the drawer panels as well as the post-leg style, so should you be looking for an office at home or an office where style is important the Cyra file cabinet will be a beautiful design for any room. The Cyra cabinet comes with drawers that self-close and soft-close, with full-extension ball-bearing, slides to ensure a smooth opening and closing.

This cabinet is able to accommodate legal and letter size documents, as in addition to hanging file cabinets. It measures 30 inches tall and is 30 inches wide with 19″ of depth and the capacity for weight exceeds 200 pounds. It is important to into consideration that the back of the unit is not completed, which means you’ll most likely want to set it against the wall and will require installation.

Ideal for small spaces: Devise 3-Drawer Slim Vertical File Cabinet

Although the Devise file cabinet has a slim design, however, it offers ample space for documents and files and comes with an interlock system that can secure three drawers simultaneously. This cabinet is able to accommodate size legal and letter-sized folders. it’s constructed with full extension drawer slides that allow ease of accessing the files at the back. Additionally, one drawer comes with bars for hanging documents.

There are also two drawers that are used for storage and a free tray that can be used for small objects. Furthermore, it comes with a Devais file cabinet equipped with five wheels (4 to the corner and 1 for the middle to stop the cabinet from tipping) that allow you to move the cabinet at ease. Once it is in the correct position, the casters can be locked. This cabinet measures 11.8 inches by 17.7 inches by 23.2 inches. Its maximum weight is 300 pounds.

Best Vertical: Cavitt 4-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

If space on the floor is limited then the Cavitt four-drawer vertical filing cabinet makes the most of vertical space. It offers plenty of storage for documents and files. This cabinet features four drawers that have ball bearing glides that allow them to can be closed and opened with ease. The drawers come with tracks to hold hanging file folders. Additionally, each drawer is equipped with a maximum weight that is 38lbs. This cabinet is taller than the other cabinets listed as tipping is a normal thing and would be a problem. But, the design eliminates the possibility of tipping since the drawers do not extend completely. The Cavitt cabinet for filing is made out of steel, which speaks well for its longevity. It measures 46.38 inches by 14.25 18 inches and even though there are four drawers only two of them can be locked.

The Best Mobiles: Lorell Mobile File Cabinet

Perfect for small offices or home offices This two-drawer file cabinet from Lorell comes with two locking drawers that glide smoothly through suspension to allow for a smooth opening and close. The embossed drawers provide an appealing aesthetic aspect to the cabinet although the drawers don’t extend completely, users will be able to access those files that are within the back.

The high-end drawers are able to accommodate letter-sized file cabinets and hanging folders, as in office supplies, such as copies of the paper, ink, and more. The mobile file cabinet has four casters. It’s fully mobile. And constructed of steel and baked enamel that’s likely to last enough to last for many trips across the office. Lorell’s two-drawer file cabinet measures 24.5 by 14.3 18 inches. By itself, the cabinet weighs 20 pounds. With documents, you’ll be capable of moving them without difficulty.

Best Storage Options: Bush Business 3-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet

If your office requires furniture that is double-duty to make the most use of the space available The lateral file cabinet from Bush Business can kill two birds with one stone. The lower file drawer can be used to store legal or letter-sized files. It’s also equipped with a lock, and it is able to glide on smooth ball-bearing slides. To provide additional storage space, this cabinet has two drawers that can be used for smaller objects and an open storage cubby that has an adjustable shelf that allows for easy access to documents, books, or manuals. The laminate’s thermally fused surface is extremely durable as well as stainless steel drawer handles that have bristles for a stylish appearance. The Bush Business file cabinet measures 25.98 and 29.72 and 16.93 inches. The top can hold a capacity of 200 pounds.

Best Value: Yitahome 3-Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet

Yitahome’s steel filing cabinet provides ample storage space for the smallest footprint which makes it an ideal option for offices that have little space. When it comes to filing cabinets are concerned, this one ticks a number of boxes. It has four casters that rotate in a total 360 ° (plus one central wheel to avoid tipping) This cabinet is extremely maneuverable. The drawers that are fully extendable of this cabinet have an integrated sliding rail which allows you to close and open the drawer easily and with little effort. Also, unlike most cabinetry, it’s surprisingly quiet.

The top drawer has an open tray that can be used for pencils as well as other small objects, while the lower drawer has an adjustable file track that can be hung and can hold legal, letter, and A4-sized documents. The Yitahome file cabinet is 24 x 12 x 18 inches. It’s crucial to keep in mind that even though you’ll be storing your documents kept in one drawer in the bottom, the top drawer is locked and therefore you won’t be able to secure sensitive files in this one.

Final Verdict

This Lorell 2-Drawer Cabinet (view on Amazon) will take the title of the best cabinet for filing simply because it provides many functions (as file cabinets are concerned) for a fair price. It’s a decent size cabinet that can be used for storage of lightweight as well, although the drawers might not be able to extend completely, there’s no issue with accessing documents and files at the back. Furthermore, the 0.75-extension is likely to prevent the cabinet from tipping also. With its steel structure, you’ll be able to rest assured that it’ll last and with only the use of a single lock, the drawers are both safe.

What to Look For in the Cabinet File Cabinet


If you’re in the market for a cabinet for your files the size of the cabinet must be among your primary concerns. Consider the amount of information you’ll need to be stored as well as the size of your documents. Then, buy according to your needs. The majority of cabinets can accommodate the standard 8.5 11×11 paper; However, if you deal with legal-sized documents, archival documents blueprints, documents, and so on. Naturally, you’ll have to locate a cabinet that is able to be able to accommodate these sizes.


Although plastic cabinets may be cheaper, they don’t have the capacity to accommodate effective locking mechanisms. If you’re keeping sensitive documents then you might want to purchase wooden or metallic file cabinets. While you’re safeguarding your documents from the prying eyes of others You should also think about safeguarding them against other kinds of incidents. In this regard, steel cabinets are known to offer the greatest amount of security. Not only do they resist impact, but, they are also able to protect your contents from water damage too.


A simple search will show that file cabinets are available in a range of prices. They can cost as little as $40 and go up to hundreds. If you are looking for storage that is light and offices at home the $40 filing cabinet should be sufficient and will serve to get rid of the clutter and organize your documents for home use. If you are a business owner, however, you might prefer something more robust. Choose a device that can take all the wear and tear that comes with the years and provides a little more protection for your sensitive data in an office with a lot of activity.

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