The 7 Best Shoe Trees of 2022

The 7 Best Shoe Trees of 2022

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In order for your shoes for formal occasions to last for a long time, you’ll need to take the time to maintain when your shoes are not being worn. Making an investment in high-quality shoe trees is one the best things you can ensure the longevity of your shoes so that you will keep them looking stylish at work. Shoes are shaped to hold the form of leather shoes to stop the shoes from breaking and creasing when you have them stored. The most sought-after shoes are constructed of cedar or wood which effectively absorb the moisture and neutralize the smell (no person wants feet that smell in the workplace!). To reap the maximum benefits it’s best to put the shoe trees inside your shoes right after you’ve taken them off following an extended day of schlepping through town or going to and from work. Are you unsure of which one to purchase? Check out this article to discover the most suitable shoe trees to put on your shoes today.

Best Overall: Stratton Men’s Cedar Shoe Tree

The Stratton men’s Cedar Shoe Tree is one of the top-rated shoe trees thanks to its top-quality 100% red cedar. The red cedar – that grows within the U.S. — prevents natural odors from forming within the shoe. The shoe tree designed by Stratton comes with two slots that are vented on each foot. In addition to being decorative, The slots allow moisture and odors to go out of the shoes. A spring coil that is adjustable is located in the middle of the tree and gives an airy tension within the shoe. The tension is used to keep an even length for the shoes, so it’s not a necessary task of breaking them once more when they’ve been kept for a long time. The shoe’s back tree has a grab notch that allows you to easily and quickly remove it once you’re ready for your shoes.

The Stratton shoe tree is available in a range of sizes that can accommodate men’s shoe sizes that range from 7 to 16. For those with larger sizes of shoes, they will love the size xx-large.

Best Value: The Original Shoe Tree Company 2-Pack Shoe Trees

This bargain gives you two pairs of shoe trees at around the cost of one pair. It’s also helpful to know that The Original Shoe Tree Company makes a top-quality shoe tree from cedarwood. Along with two pairs of tree shoes, you’ll get two shoe bags that are large as an added extra. These bags offer extra protection for your footwear when you’re on the move or simply keeping them. The divider inside separates the shoes to protect them from one another.

The shoe trees are designed by using venting holes at the top of the shoe for odors to be released. A spring guide that can be adjusted lets you alter the size of the tree to ensure that it is perfect for your shoes to maintain their shape and avoid creasing. The shoe tree also fits various sizes and is suitable for men’s sizes between 6 1/2 and 15.

Best Design: Allen Edmonds Men’s Combination Shoe Tree

With a split-toe design, The Allen Edmonds Woodlore Combination Men’s Shoe Tree can be adapted to multiple sizes of shoes. In the toe’s split is an adjustable spreader plate that adjusts to match the size that your footwear. You can choose between natural and cedarwood. Both kinds of wood absorb odors from shoes so that they remain free of odors. It is also possible to easily revive the smell of the wood by giving your cedar the benefit of a gentle sanding.

The Allen Edmonds shoe tree is available in pairs and is available in sizes ranging from small to the size xx-large. Use shoes to extend the lifespan of your shoes and to help your shoes retain their shape when not being used. You’ll get a lifetime warranty on any issues with this shoe tree.

Most Environmentally-Friendly: Houndsbay Men’s Cedar Shoe Tree

Its Houndsbay Men’s Cedar Shoe Tree is constructed from top red cedar, which is a premium wood that absorbs odors as well as moisture to leave your shoes dry and fresh. Split-toe construction of this shoe tree permits it to be adapted to the size of your shoes, ensuring that your leather stays wrinkle-free and wrinkle-free. The wide hook heel protects your shoe’s heel, preserving the shape of the shoe. It’s spring-loaded using soft pressure, allowing you to comfortably fill your shoes without causing damage or overstretching the shoe.

The pair is specifically designed for the left shoe while the other one is designed intended for the right. The shoe tree can also fit men’s sizes ranging from 6.5 through 15. Additionally, Houndsbay promises to plant trees throughout the U.S. for every shoe tree purchase. This means that not only does the purchase save you shoes and your feet, but it also helps to save the earth.

Most Versatile: Eachway Shoe Stretcher Shoe Trees

This Eachway Shoe Stretcher Shoe Trees can stretch shoes in various directions to ensure the best fitting. The shoe tree extends the length, width, and height of a wide range of types of shoes, such as heels and flats. The dual-directional stretch is a great shoe tree for breaking in a shoe that is brand new with speedy speed. They are made from the toughest polyurethane plastic, which is strong and durable. The mechanical components that make up the tree for shoes are constructed of stainless steel and feature nickel plating. If you’re using it to stretch your shoes, it is recommended to keep the stretcher on for a minimum of 24 hours. But, be mindful not to overload your shoes.

It’s simple to put in and adjust according to the size of your shoes. When you’re ready to take the stretcher from the shoe, just move the handles counterclockwise. There is one drawback to The Eachway Shoe Stretcher — it’s only available in sizes small, medium and large sizes and large sizes, which limits the range of sizes that the stretcher can accommodate.

Best for Boots: B&E Life Boot Trees

If you’re wearing tall, knee-high boots, choose boots with tree branches that will best fit their form, such as those from B&E Life Boot Trees. They’re so simple to use that you only use one hand to slip them into your boots just push the trigger, and then release the spring-loaded shoe tree when they’re inside the boot. They are ideal for preventing wrinkles in leather boots These shoe trees are ideal for tall boots that are 10-18 inches tall. Conserve storage space and keep your boots in good standing with the boot tree. The reviews have praised the quality and value of B&E Life boot trees. B&E Life boot trees.

Best for Women: Forme Shoe Shapers

With an abundance of shoe tree choices for males and women, the Forme Shoe Shapers offer an ideal option for females. They are designed to stretch and form all styles of shoes, including flats, heels as well as booties. These shapers can help you find the perfect size for your footwear and ease foot pain due to their patent-pending seven-fold technology. They specifically stretch to alleviate the cramped and numb toes as well as keep wrinkles at bay and prevent creasing to keep your shoes’ durability and shape. It is simple to use, and the shapers for shoes are constructed from thermoplastic polymer as well as stainless steel to ensure extremely long-lasting durability, but they are lightweight enough to be used on trips. Although they’re more expensive price, users are unanimous that Forme modelers are worth the money, particularly for the purpose of protecting your shoes that cost the most.

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