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Smart goal example

Goal setting SMART stands for Specific Goals that are Measurable, Attainable Relevant, Time-Based is a successful method to set and achieve your business objectives. 1 Applying the SMART grid to your goals can help you set more specific, achievable goals for your business and track your progress towards these goals.

Below are a few examples of broad goals which are then reformulated into specific goals that are SMART. When you look over the examples of goals SMART, take note of how each of them outlines various sub-goals, or actions that have to be taken to achieve the ultimate goal. The SMART criteria could also be applied to these smaller goals in the same manner as demonstrated in the examples.

General Goal Examples: Would like to start a business

  • Specifically, I will be selling hand-made cards on
  • Measurable HTML0: I’ll be ready to accept the first Etsy order in just four weeks. I’ll aim to sell at least five cards each week.
  • Attained I will be established with Etsy first. After that, I will develop an inventory of thirty handmade cards that I will sell. Then, I will market my company and establish relations with customers through word-of-mouth through referrals, word of mouth, along with networks in the area.
  • Relevant Selling cards made by hand will enable me to earn financially from my passion hobby.
  • Time-Based The Etsy Store will be online and operational in just four weeks. I’ll have a stock of 30 cards available for sale in just 6 days. 2


Within the next month, am planning to start selling my hand-crafted cards through Etsy which will enable me to earn money from my hobby of choice. In six weeks, I’ll have a collection of 30 cards that I have made myself and hope to sell at most five cards each week, establishing relationships with my customers via referrals, word of mouth, and local networking.

General Goal Examples: I’d like to Expand My Business

  • Specifically, I am going to get three new clients for my business consulting.
  • Measurable The way I’ll measure my progress is based on the number of new clients I introduce while keeping my existing clients.
  • Acceptable I will solicit existing clients for recommendations or create a social media marketing campaign, and join forces with local companies.
  • Relevant The addition of additional customers to my company allows me to expand my business and increase my income.
  • Time-Based the next time I’ll be able to sign three new clients in the next two months.


I’m hoping to gain 3 new customers for my consultancy company within two months, by asking for referrals, starting an online marketing campaign using social media, and establishing relationships with local companies. This will enable me to expand my business and increase my income.

General Goal Examples: I want to write a business Book

  • Specifically, I’m planning to create a book on social media. It will be a minimum of 150 pages.
  • Measurable I am planning to write one chapter every month, or 3 to 5 pages each week.
  • Acceptable The next step is to begin working on the manuscript first and, when that is done I will find a publisher, or consider self-publishing.
  • Relevant A book about social media can help me make myself an authority.
  • Time-Based My manuscript is expected to be finished and ready for publication within 10 months.


To make myself an authority in the field, I’ll publish a 150-page book about social media, by writing each month a chapter (or 3 to 5 pages per week). The book is expected to be completed within 10 months, and I will then search for a publisher or consider self-publishing.

A Broad-Based Goal: I Would Like to be a well-known expert

  • Specific The goal is to become an expert in the subject of small-business accounting.
  • Measurable I’ll be successful if invited to speak in public on the subject at least once per month, get requests for interviews each week, and write every month an article for a prestigious industry publication.
  • Achievable This is what I intend to do. I’ll accomplish this by hiring assistance from a PR company and launching a publicity campaign.
  • Relevant The fact that I have established myself as a small-business accounting expert will build on my more than 20 years in this area and enable me to connect with more small-business owners in need of accounting assistance.
  • Time-Based I would like to be an expert in accounting for small businesses in the next two years.


I will engage the services of a PR or public relations firm and launch a public relations campaign to establish myself as an expert in small-business accounting. I am requested to be a public speaker about the subject at least once per month and receive requests for interviews every week, and am able to write one monthly article for an industry-leading publication. This will add to my 20+ years of expertise in the field, and help me get in touch with more small business owners who require advice on accounting.

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