Should You Buy a Chainsaw Mill to Turn Logs into Lumber?


Chainsaw mills are tiny sawmills that are designed to be operated by a couple of operators to turn wood into logs. Chainsaw mills were developed to cut wood in extremely remote areas like those in the Alaskan wilderness.

There are a variety of kinds that chainsaw mills come in. A basic model is made up of a guide bracket made of steel that is fixed to the bar of the chainsaw and is based on straight edges. The more sophisticated chainsaw mills are comprised of a frame and track system on which the chainsaw is attached. These are comparable to mobile band sawmills.

Capacity for Production

The production capacity is limited with the chainsaw mill, it isn’t an instrument built to produce stacks upon stacks. However it is possible to cut some boards but are unable to do it with a chainsaw mill, it could make the difference between wasting wood and usable lumber.

A saw kerf refers to the size of the slot that is cut through by the saw. A chainsaw has a kerf that is about 3/8 of an inch which is inefficient and generates a lot of sawdust. Because of this, the chainsaw mill is not a good choice to maximize your lumber production can be produced from a single log. Furthermore, the large kerf implies that it requires lots of time and effort to cut your lumber using the chainsaw mill.

Cutting Capacities

The only limit is the length of the longest chainsaw bar. So long as the bar can reach over the log, then you can chop it into lumber. A chainsaw mill can be a fantastic machine to cut large slabs from large trees. If you’re looking to, for instance, construct tables with one slab at the top, this is the right saw.

What if you own an electric sawmill on your portable with only cut-off capabilities that aren’t as high? It is possible to include a chainsaw mill in your arsenal, and make use of it to reduce large logs to a size that is manageable, and then you can place the smaller log on the more powerful portable sawmill.


If you are able to travel anywhere by yourself you can bring the chainsaw mill along. Are you planning to build your own log cabin in the woods? This is the perfect sawmill that is perfect for you. You can put this sawmill in the form of a helicopter or bush plane and transport it to areas where roads don’t exist. Better yet, you can chop your logs anywhere they’re located.

It’s a mill that fits the budget-conscious. Remember that if do not have one already then you’ll need to purchase a medium-sized chainsaw in order to power it. A big professional-grade saw is ideal.

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