Restaurant Types and Concepts

Restaurant and concept

Nowadays, there are numerous types of restaurants, ranging from fast food to casual dining. The service, food, and ambiance of the restaurant will alter to reflect the design or style of the establishment. For instance, there is a good chance that you’ll find the McDonalds with white, covered tables with linen, wine selection, and candles. Here’s a brief outline of some most famous concepts in restaurants.

Fast-Food Restaurant

Food trucks are the fastest and most well-known establishment for most people. Chains such as McDonald’s as well as Burger King became popular in the 1950s and led to the creation of many others, such as Taco Bell, KFC, and In&Out Burger, due to their speed and ease of use. Fast-food eateries are generally chains. If you’re contemplating opening a fast-food franchise be aware that initial expenses for franchising can be more costly than opening an independent establishment.

Fast Casual

This is among the most prominent trends currently. Fast-casual can be a little more expensive in comparison to fast food. Fast-casual eateries serve disposable dishes and flatware however their food tends to be served in a more elegant manner including gourmet bread and organic products. The open kitchens are a favorite among fast-casual chains. Customers can watch the food being cooked. Boston Market is classified as fast casual.

  • ” Cafe” is an eatery that doesn’t provide tables for service. Customers place orders for food at an open counter and are served by themselves. The menus of cafes typically include things like espresso coffees, coffee, desserts, and sandwiches. Cafes first came into Europe and are closely linked to France. They are renowned for their relaxed, non-stressful environment. Panera Bread is an example of a chain of cafes and bakeries that is well-known.
  • The word bistro is often referred to as a cafe. Bistros are actually cafe that provides complete food items (albeit less expensive than a restaurant with a full menu).
  • ” Pub” is a short form meaning Public House, pubs date the past for hundreds of years in Europe and, in particular, those in Great Britain. Pubs are renowned for their timeless appeal due to their relaxed environment. Brewpubs make their own beer and an extensive selection of ales and beers. Pubs are able to serve full menus, and also appetizers. Most casual eateries offer a separate bar area that is attached to their restaurant.
  • Casual Style Dining” is also referred to for its family-style dining options in the United States. Restaurants that are casual-style offer reasonably priced meals. It is among the biggest markets in the US currently. Casual dining is one of a variety of themes, starting from Italian (Olive Garden) to seafood (Red Lobster) to Mexican (Chilis). Casual dining establishments offer table service and non-disposable meals and keep the menu reasonably priced.


As the name suggests the term “fine dining” is a term used to describe an establishment that is more expensive offering customers a classy atmosphere along with top-of-the-line service. The chefs at fine dining establishments are typically professional and their meals are expensive but well worth it.

Food Trucks

Another restaurant concept that is extremely popular includes food trucks. They are much loved for a variety of reasons, including lower costs for starting up, low cost of labor, and low expenses. The process of starting the food truck of your dreams needs many of the steps required to open a restaurant. There is a need for the business plan, finance, and menus, as well as equipment and a name that is memorable. One of the hallmarks of a food truck’s company can be the usage of social networks platforms to let people know the location of the truck every day.

Pop Up Restaurant

If you’re seeking a way to test a restaurant without committing to a long-term commitment pop-up restaurants are one option. Some chefs who are professionals offer popping-up locations to establish their reputation as chefs due to the nature of a pop-up restaurant allowing chefs complete freedom and freedom of thought when it comes to the kitchen. Other pop-ups are opened to test the concept of a restaurant and use it as a means to attract investors and the general public to try the concept.

On a philosophical note, some people also use pop-up restaurants to provide gourmet food at a lower cost to allow everyone to enjoy the experience. In addition, pop-ups can be utilized as a means of fundraising by the community and civic organizations.

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