Popular Wholesale Markets From New York to Los Angeles

wholesale market

Merchandise Marts (MMs) are like malls in that you are able to go to a single area and have access to many stores. The major difference is that they are designed specifically for those in the Wholesale market.

A lot of MMs are accessible to the general public, while some are only available to customers who are retail or business owners. If you’re looking to purchase an item in bulk and at a lower cost purchasing directly through a wholesale distributor is the best method to save your business cash each year.

If you reside in a large metropolitan area and you’re looking to locate high-end wholesale items, then it’s an excellent idea to look into local MMs. All you require is a tax identification number for your business (and an amount of money to spend) to be well on your path to success as a wholesaler.

Here is a list of the most well-known stores across the nation:

Atlanta, GA

AmericasMart’s Atlanta offers decorations, gifts, and lifestyle items from over 8000 brands across many business niches. They offer tabletop, homewares food, toys, and fashion accessories of every kind. They’re open throughout the year for professionals in the trade and organize signature events like Design + Dine, Creative Flower Workshop as well as Lunch & Learn Sustainable Performance Fabric.

Chicago, IL

TheMart is the biggest privately-owned retail facility located in the United States. With 4.2 million square feet of gross space, TheMart covers two blocks of the city, rises 25 stories, and is visited by around 30,000 visitors each day. It was designed as a marketplace for professionals in the trade, the art continually offers high-quality entertainment and facilities for people seeking wholesale opportunities.

Dallas, TX

The Dallas Market Center is a commercial trade center. It is open every day, and the 5 million square foot facility features a comprehensive wholesale market that includes permanent showrooms and merchandise lines. Everything from men’s clothing to furniture for the home is easily accessible in the middle of the city.

Denver, CO

In 1965, the Denver Mart is an 840,000 square-foot facility famous for its outdoor wholesale apparel, and western and gift souvenirs market. Popular shows with crowds include firearms, fly fishing as well as various other Rocky Mountain gifts. They also have a massive antique and vintage display each spring or summer and in the autumn when hundreds of dealers showcase their own treasures.

Los Angeles, CA

The California Market Center provides the largest showroom space of 40,000 square feet and event spaces for people who are part of the LA Fashion scene. Showrooms showcase the latest sales and a special market just for children’s clothing, and a selection of textiles from all over the world. They also provide information about eco-friendly fashions, natural options for food and so many more.

Miami. FL

It is the Miami Merchandise Mart is a professional wholesale marketplace in which showroom owners collect collections of manufacturers from Europe, Asia, Latin America as well as the U.S. The Miami team serves as an intermediary for buyers from all over the globe, and especially for buyers from Florida as well as the Caribbean, and Latin America. Over 10,000 buyers from the professional world visit this MMM every year.

New York, NY

The New York Market Center is situated on the 230th floor of Fifth Avenue New York. The famous building is located to the north of Madison Square Park and includes over 200 showrooms, with different categories of merchandise, including the top products in toys, seasonal themed items, and publishing exhibitions.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Mart Minneapolis Mart is an ongoing wholesale showroom with over 5,000 collections of home decor, accessories, and clothing items with 140 different showrooms. The location hosts six markets every year that aren’t accessible all the time to customers. The market is reserved for particular attention and specializedization for companies that resell their products.

High Point, NC

The High Point Market attracts more than 150,000 visitors every year and is the largest furniture industry trade fair around the globe. The market is comprised of more than 180 structures as well as 11.5 million square feet of exhibit space. In addition to finding exclusive wholesale products, buyers can also attend workshops covering everything from lighting to business development.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Design Center San Francisco Design Center is composed of two building (the Showplace and Galleria) that together house over 100 showrooms that are beautifully designed, and represents around 2,000 manufacturers. These companies offer products that are sourced locally and internationally. Buyers are able to connect with designers and peruse the latest trends in design, home furnishings and textiles.

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