List of Best Carpenter Tools for Woodworking Contractors

Best Carpenter Tools for Woodworking Contractors

One of the most well-known occupations or trades within the construction sector is carpentry. Carpenters, also known as woodworking contractors, are required for nearly every construction task So if you’re thinking about the tools you will need to complete your task you can check out our list below.

This list does not just show the tools you require but also gives brief descriptions of the tools that carpenters utilize every day. Like all trades carpenters will require a variety of tools for their job however this list focuses on the most crucial ones or the most frequently utilized tools for the course of a construction job.

Hand Saw

Hand saW

A reliable and irreplaceable tool with a variety of variations however all have a common use. The hand saw is most commonly used by traditional carpenters because they are able to make the cut with precision while giving the best finishing. Since this tool comes in many variants, the hand saw is always a valuable tool to keep with you. There’s the traditional saw hacksaw, coping saw, hacksaw and rip saw, as well as other options. Hand saws aren’t an alternative to power saws, but as the simplest and a necessity, they are not a requirement, to own. If you are able, an electric saw is an excellent idea and a cordless model is more efficient.

Spirit Levels

Sprite level

Even on your smartphone, these levels are crucial to getting the ideal leveled surface or product. Some carpenters prefer longer levels but it depends on the task at hand and the nature of the woodworking task. If you’re working using studs, we’d suggest using larger levels to produce a more neat product. Short levels can be misleading if you’re not aware of the tolerances and deviations while using a short level.

Measurements on Tape

Measurements on Tape

Always useful and handy every carpenter has tape measures, even when working on the smallest jobs. This is vital to ensure you have the proper dimensions for the work you are doing. With regard to tape, measurements ensure that you use the one that is most suitable and has the correct precision. There are a variety of choices, including electronic versions which can be used to assess the wood pieces you have. Be sure to use one that has the option of feet and meters since there are times when both systems are used to draw plans and during the work.

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer

Another essential piece of equipment for carpenters includes the claw. We recommend a hammer that weighs 20 grams with handles made of steel because it can provide the appropriate driving force as well as an excellent grip when using it. If you’re using hammers with steel handles ensure that they come with grips that are rubberized for greater control and improved grip. Wood handles are fine for driving many nails but they will make your hand sweaty unless you’re wearing safety gloves.

The sledgehammer is yet another kind of “hammer” that could fall in this category. Be sure to select a sledgehammer strong enough and light enough for your task to ensure that you do not get exhausted by the weight.



A chisel that is made from alloyed steel is essential to make clean cuts. Chisels can be found in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1/4 inch up to 2 inches in length. Chisels are utilized by woodworkers and carpenters for cutting out wood for hinges on doors and other woodworking tasks. There are corner chisels that function like a hole punch, which removes the wood piece with only one hammer strike. Be sure to keep the edges clean and well-oiled so that the chisel will last longer. Wood handles are suggested and capped with steel, to ensure they are able to stand the constant hammering and last longer. Chisels are ideal for the deck boards in a way that is easy to attach to the frame structure.

Work Bench

A workbench or sawhorse is an extremely practical and useful tool. Sawhorses are a professional carpenter’s best companion, helping to rest the piece of wood so that you work on it or cut different areas of it. The lightweight and portable saw horses are employed often in carpentry, especially during frame construction and the installation of doors which allows you to cut with precision even when you’re working by yourself. The top models have clamps that can be adjusted so you can maneuver it and accommodate almost any kind of wood.

Nail Gun

Nail Gun

If you’re woodworking then you’ll definitely require nail guns. Nail guns allow you to remove nails quicker and more effectively. While this list is mostly comprised of things that aren’t electrical or battery-powered nail guns are one of the most effective tools to save time and money in the process of carpentry. There are a variety of models that have different powers, so make sure you select the one that is suitable for your needs the best.

Quick Clamps

Quick Clamps

Clamps are extremely useful in the carpentry field. They can be used to secure and hold pieces of lumber and wood so that your hands are free to cut, saw, or do other woodworking tasks in a more efficient manner. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, styles, and styles so that they can be attached to various work surfaces. Clamps, specifically fast clamps, are efficient when it comes to making 90 and 45-degree cuts.



A carpenter will always require an instrument to determine the area where the next cut will be. There are carpenter’s tools that are mechanical that never have to be sharpened once again. The type of pencil appears as a tool for making a clean, clear line. It’s not cheap, but you’ll be happy with the design, and will be easy to carry around and use. Pencils, or in certain instances the chalk line is helpful and inexpensive and can assist you when framing or cutting.

Carpenter’s Square

Carpenter's SquareCarpenter's SquareCarpenter's SquareCarpenter's Square

A carpenter’s square remains an instrument that, no regardless of how modern our technology becomes, we’ll still require the square to make cuts. The best dimension is the 6-inch version which is lightweight and easy to use. It’s ideal when used in conjunction with a table saw and is able to help with some angles too. If you are buying one, be sure you select a metal one since plastic could alter its shape and alter the measurement.

Do You Need to Increase Your Power?

It could go on as all carpenters require a set of grinding machines, circular saws blocks planes, drills, nail set punch, trimmer or utility knife, and so on. It is essential to have the correct tools at the right time.

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