Isometric Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Isometric Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

If you’re an office-bound business owner it is essential to take a few extra steps to offset being working all day. Isometric exercises reduce stress and boost your energy levels, and help clear your mind.

In the publication The Entrepreneur Diet: The on-the-go Program for Weight Loss, Fitness and a Healthy Lifestyle the author Tom Weede offers eight simple exercises that you can perform to increase your strength as well as flexibility, tone, and strength at your desk, and without regardless of the condition you’re currently in.

Spend 15 minutes in the morning or in the afternoon to knock off the routine. The movements aren’t intrusive. It is possible to think of them in terms of “stealth” exercise.

“Repetition” or a “repetition” (also known as “rep” is a complete movement during an exercise. “Sets” are “set” and can be defined as a specific number of repetitions that are performed in a specific order.

Strength Training

Start by performing one set per exercise. If you are feeling good it’s time to add another set. Take two sessions within the week you choose to start and then add or keep going as you feel the need.

Chair Leg Extension

Place your tailbone in a firm position on the seatback. Should the chair can be adjusted, adjust the height to ensure that your legs are parallel to the ground. Take a firm grip on the armrests as well as the edge of the pads. Keep the back of your body straight, and directly ahead. Slowly stretch the right leg, keeping your feet flexed towards your shin. After the motion, your legs should be fully stretched but do not forcefully lock your knee. Return slowly to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions and do the same with your right leg (this is a single set)?

Isometric Hand Press

As you sit straight in your seat and grab your hands on your chest and then hold them together. Be sure to breathe throughout the workout. Ten seconds of hold, and then let it go for 10 seconds. Repeat four times.

(Muscles Strengthened: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders)

Set yourself about three feet away from the wall and lay your hands flat against the wall, roughly two inches apart. Begin to slowly lower your body towards the wall by exhaling your elbows. When your elbows are in alignment with your body, pull upwards. Perform 10 repetitions. You can make this exercise more difficult by utilizing an exercise desk standing a few feet from the desk and placing your hands along the edge of the desk with your shoulders spaced. Repeat the lifting and lower of your body using your elbows.

Overhead Press

While sitting upright sitting at your desk, bend your elbows until the left arm is the front of the left side shoulder while your right arm is in the direction of the right shoulder. Your elbows should flare slightly towards the sides, about the level of your shoulder. Relax your fists and clench them while facing your palms towards the forward. Then you should extend your elbows fully without locking them in, while your hands move toward the center, over your head. Then slowly return to the starting position. Do 10 reps. In order to make this workout more challenging, you can employ a book for pressing over the overhead.

Drawing-In Menu

Place your feet at the edges of your seat. Hold the armrests, or the edge of your seatpad. You may also place your hands on your hips and feet wide apart. Then, bring your stomach upwards and out as far as you can. Think about the belly button being pulled towards your spine. Keep that position for a number of five to ten Then release. Repeat the exercise five to eight times.

Exercises for Flexibility

Begin by doing the same set of these exercises for flexibility. You could do two strength exercises and one flexibility exercise while you progress through the whole series of exercises.

Side Bend

Place yourself at the edge of your chair, with your back straight. tie your fingers together with your palms in a direction away from your body. Lift your arms straight over your head and then move towards the left from your midline and keep them there. Then, you can move to your right and then hold.

Cross Arm

Stand straight and extend your right arm over your upper body until it is at the level of your shoulder. The elbow must be slightly bent. In your left hand hold the right arm with your left hand just above your elbow. Pull your right arm gently across your chest, towards the left, and then hold. Do not slack your shoulders. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Repeat this with your left arm to your chest.

Neck Stretch

You should sit or stand with your head straight. Slowly move your body to the left as much as you can comfortably and hold. Then, slowly turn towards the left, and then hold. After that allow your head to fall slowly towards your chest and then hold. Be careful not to tilt your head backward and weigh around 10 pounds. Doing this could put an enormous strain on your upper back.

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