How to Write a Mission Statement

How to Write a Mission Statement

The purpose statement describes the company’s mission. It communicates to the world what your company’s mission is. Every business needs an objective statement that is means of unifying the company.

A mission statement is a blend of what your company or organization does and the reason for it in a manner that conveys the core values that matter to you. It’s not always easy to concisely and clearly bring these concepts together, however. This is a quick guide, with some examples of how to write your own corporate mission statement.

Tell us about the things your company does

There’s no reason to be extravagant here. Let it be simple for now. What service or product does your company make or offer? Keep it to the basic essentials and do not add any unnecessary details. The details of this reason are in the following steps.

My company’s goal :

  • Sell shoes
  • Provide education services
  • Produce market vegetables
  • Design phone applications
  • Provide financial advice
  • Sell women’s clothes
  • Pet sitting services are available.

Tell us about the way your company operates What it does

Mission statement examples. Image (c) Tuomas Kujansuu / Getty Images

This is where the difficulty lies since we’re not searching for a complete description of your business’s physical activities here. Instead, we’re looking for an overview of the way your business performs its business. This typically means including some or all of your values in your description.

It is important to write down the values you want to communicate in your business. Here are some examples of values you could consider using when writing your mission statement:

  • Provide high product quality
  • Superior customer service
  • Guard the integrity of the environment
  • Make sure that everyone has equal access to resources
  • Encourage innovation/creativity
  • Practice sustainable development

It may be beneficial to concentrate on your company’s core competencies when you’re deciding what values are worth adding to the statement of mission. Focus on one (or two at maximum) to be added to the description of the work your business is doing.

Example Mission Statements

The first three examples from step one could look like if you add numbers to them.

My company’s goal :

  • Selling shoes that are of the finest quality.
  • Offer educational services that enable children of all ages to experience learning with success.
  • Produce market vegetables with organic and sustainable farming methods.

Be aware that these statements aren’t done yet. There’s a step to take before you can declare your mission fully completed.

Explain why your business does What It Does

This is the section in your mission statement which describes your passion, your drive, and the passion for your company.

What is the reason your company does exactly what you do? For some, it is helpful to look at why they founded their company initially.

Example Mission Statements

These are three mission statements that could be like if you added “why” on them.

  • Offer shoes of the best quality, so that each customer can find the shoes they truly love wearing.
  • Offer educational programs that enable every child to be successful in their learning and to become life-long learners as well as contributors to our community.
  • Produce market vegetables using sustainable and organic farming methods to offer people the best food choices that are healthy and safe.

Once you’re done, take another take a look at your mission statement to see whether it conveys the message you’re trying to convey or consider a different method of expressing it. Make sure that you modify the wording “my business’s goal” to reflect the name of your business.

“My company’s mission is to cultivate market vegetables with organic, sustainable methods of farming to provide people with the best food choices that are healthy and safe,”

“At Earth’s Bounty, We grow markets vegetables in a manner that is good for the planet and healthy for our table. 

and, “Our company’s purpose is to provide education services that enable all children to enjoy learning success and grow into lifelong learners and contributing members of our society,”

“Our firm, Hopscotch Learning, exists to provide education services that enable all children to be successful in their education and to be successful in their lives. 

Use your new Mission Statement in Action

Make your mission and vision statement in use at. Photo (c) James Brey / Getty Images

Once you’ve come up with your company’s new goal statement, you’ll need to implement it as soon as possible.

Alongside guiding the direction of your business plan and business strategy, you’ll like that your statement of mission stays prominent for anyone who works for or interacts with your company. In addition to being the explanation of what your business’s purpose is and also tells the people who work there why they should prefer to do business with your company.

Some businesses go as that they make their mission statements the main points of their marketing campaigns. If you don’t do anything other than that, you must ensure that you have your statement of mission prominently displayed on your premises, website, and on all of your marketing documents.

A strong mission statement is more than just a slogan and is the base of your operating manual. It will not be able to guide people if they aren’t aware of it.

In addition to having mission statements that describe who they are and the things their mission is, successful small businesses also have vision statements to explain their final successes. It is possible to use a similar procedure to develop a vision statement of your own.

Some examples of Famous Mission Statements

Virgin Airlines Jet.

Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty Images

Virgin Airways: “Our mission statement is short and simple and yet it’s the foundation of all we do in Virgin Atlantic Airways… to accept humanity as we let it flow.”

Tesla: “Tesla’s goal is to speed up the transition of the world to a sustainable energy source.”

Facebook: “Founded in 2004, Facebook’s goal is to provide people with the opportunity to create communities and bring people from all over the world closer. Users make use of Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends and to find out what’s happening in this world and also to be able to share and communicate what’s important in their lives.”

Starbucks: “To help and encourage the human spirit, one individual, one drink, and one community at one time.”

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