How to Use Instagram Questions Stickers to Market Your Business


Instagram added a new feature to its Stories in the summer of 2018 called “questions”. These stickers can be added to your Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are similar to Snapchat, where you can only view the photos and videos once and then disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram Stories can be a fun and engaging way to have conversations with your followers. When used correctly, they can help you stand out in a crowded field of marketing, build a relationship with prospects, and get people to know your brand.

Although this feature is used by many people, there are many other uses. With a little imagination, you can also use it to market your business.

How to use the Instagram Questions Sticker

The question sticker can be used to ask questions and to allow your followers to ask you.

How to use the Instagram Questions sticker

  1. Go to your Instagram account
  2. You can take a photo, video, or choose from your camera roll
  3. Choose the question sticker you want from your sticker tray
  4. Write your question, then stick the sticker to your photo or video.
  5. Send us your questions to share your story

The question will be visible to your followers, who can then tap to reply. Your followers can reply to your questions, thereby increasing brand engagement.

The question sticker works well if you are already using Instagram to promote your business. You may need to create an account on Instagram before you can use the question sticker.

Now that you are familiar with the basics of asking questions, how can you make it work for you to increase your marketability?

7 Tips for Marketing Your Business with Instagram Question Stickers

The Instagram Question Sticker can be used in many different ways to help grow your brand and business. These are seven ideas you can immediately implement.

1. Ask questions about specific products or product lines

Entrepreneurs and business owners are known for being innovative and introducing new services and features all the time. Sometimes, followers may not know why they need the new service or feature, or what it does.

This is when you must educate your customers and followers to tell them what problem the new feature/product/service solves.

Insta questions can be a great way for customers to ask questions in real-time about any product or service. It’s especially useful when answering questions about innovative products that you are introducing to the market.

Business owners find this kind of feedback invaluable. This feedback can help you fix any flaws in your product or feature, provide new ideas, and help develop sales copy that focuses on the features that customers love.

You can also use Instagram Questions Stickers to get feedback. This allows you to sound more like your prospects. This helps to build trust. It is a great way to ensure you sound like your target audience by getting feedback from your followers.

2. Create Custom Audiences

Engaged customers are more likely to purchase from your brand. To increase engagement, you can ask questions. You can increase engagement by asking questions.

This will allow you to show the right ads to promote your products or services to this warm and engaged audience. Engagement audiences are often the most lucrative ads you can run.

While you’ll always need to find new ways to draw attention to your brand and attract more customers, it is important to reach out to people who already like you.

3. Make short surveys with Instagram Polls

People love to participate in polls. You can easily see how many people are sharing their opinions on the “best hits of 1980s” and just about any other topic at any given moment by looking at any social media account. You can use polls to gauge interest in a product line to help you decide where to spend your advertising dollars and to get a better idea about what your customers are most likely to purchase.
Starbucks uses polls to find out which of their two favorite drinks. These polls not only help them choose which coffees they will feature, but also increase interest in new products.

This poll is great for determining what you should spend your money on if you only have a little inventory.

4. Traditional question and answer

This approach is great for businesses that have people who are interested in your business and the people behind it.

  • If you are a chef, you might ask your friends questions like “What do they want to learn about making risotto?”
  • If you sell original artworks on Etsy, you can also ask people “What type of art inspires you?”
  • You might also ask a life coach, “What questions do I have about anxiety?”

These questions will help your followers get to understand you better and help you discover new avenues for communication and interest with your followers.

In the example of a life coach, you might get answers that will allow you to create a mini-course or email series about a particular type of anxiety your community is experiencing. This will allow you to tailor your solution to your community, and increase conversions.

Asking a question like this has another benefit. People who feel like you are more likely to purchase from you. This type of Q&A creates a closer relationship with prospects and helps them to form a personal connection.

5. For more ideas on creating a robust FAQ page, click here

Although this is an unusual way to use Instagram Questions it works well. Simply asking your followers to ask you anything will allow you to find out their thoughts and most commonly asked questions. This is a far better way to find out what your followers are asking.

It is a good idea to create a spreadsheet listing all of the questions you receive. You can then sort the spreadsheet to find the most frequently asked questions. These can be used to create high-quality FAQs that customers will love on your website or in the Stories Highlights section on Instagram.

6. Real-time Engagement

This tactic is great if your brand has a connection to an event or activity that occurs at a particular time and place.

To encourage engagement, for example, you might ask “How many points do XYZ player score?” if you’re a licensed reseller of athletic gear or other products for college teams. Don’t forget to reach the engagement audiences mentioned above to promote to them later.

7. “How can I help?”

This can be a great strategy to build trust with your followers if you are an expert or influencer. It’s a good idea to limit the time you spend online. You could say, “I’ll answer questions for the next twenty minutes.” Answer the questions. This is a great way to build credibility and authority in your field.

You can also ask other questions on Instagram

There are many questions that you can ask Instagram. Here are some examples:

  • Who are you inspired by?
  • Which team will win today’s game?
  • What is the one thing you would like someone to do?
  • What’s one thing you are thankful for today?
  • Which YouTube channel is your favorite?
  • Which movie is your favorite?
  • Which app is your most addictive?
  • What is a strange question you can ask someone in order to get to know them better
  • Which is your favorite joke?
  • What is your personal superpower, and why?
  • Have any questions?
  • Who is your hero?
  • What was the most crazy thing you believed when you were a child?
  • What are you most proud of about your job?
  • Which celebrity is your favourite?

The bottom line

More than 1,000,000 Instagram accounts are active worldwide. 80% of these accounts follow businesses on Instagram. You need great product photos and visual elements to take full advantage of the potential. Also, you must be knowledgeable about how to use Instagram.

Engaging with your audience is an excellent way to build trust, and to get them to like you. As mentioned, it’s a great way to build trust and create an audience for advertisements. Instagram Questions is one of the best ways to do this.


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