How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business


If you love being outdoors and working in various locations beginning your own pool cleaning business could be a good idea for you.

What a Pool Cleaning Business Involves

The pool cleaners go to the homes of clients or businesses (hotels or apartments, gyms, and more.) to examine and adjust the chemical balance, keep the filters and pumps Check the skimmers, and then clean.

Alongside a week-long schedule throughout the season, they could be able to make additional visits to shut down and open the pool or after an event that causes debris to be blown into the pools. Cleaners for pools may also clean spas or hot tubs.

Cleaning pools isn’t an easy business to learn as you go. Cleaners must be trained in the field they’re working in, or by observing a reputable professional.

It is important to determine whether there are any laws or rules for pool cleaners in the area you plan to be working. For instance, in accordance with health regulations, certain cities and states require formal certification when you’ll be working in public or health hot tubs, pool clubs, and spas.

Knowledge of green products, like alternatives to chlorine, is beneficial and will aid in setting your business’s pool cleaning service above the rest.

How Much do Pool Cleaners Make?

As per SpringBoard Pool Route Brokers in 2019 professional pool cleaners earn between $50 to $60 an hour, and up 200 dollars if they are involved in repairs and maintenance of equipment and maintenance.

Pros of Starting a Pool Cleaning Business

There are many benefits to running a pool-cleaning business, such as:

  • You can work outdoors.
  • You can begin on a part-time basis.
  • You don’t require a massive amount of money to begin.
  • Physical work can keep you in good shape.
  • It’s not necessary to be dressed professionally. A t-shirt and board shorts are enough.

Cons of Starting a Pool Cleaning Business

Like all companies, however, there are some disadvantages of running a cleaning service for pools like:

  • Certain pool cleaning chemicals can be toxic and dangerous for your health. However, safer alternatives are being developed.
  • Exposure to sunlight for prolonged periods is risky.
  • In regions with cold winters, it is a seasonal occupation which means that you’ll have to look for other jobs in the non-seasonal. Of course, some establishments, like hotels, have indoor pools. So you might be able to maintain a steady job throughout the winter.

What You’ll Need to Get Your Pool Cleaning Business Started

If you’re looking to soak up the sun and begin with a business that cleans pools Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Certifications: Get any required knowledge or certificates, especially when it’s required by your state.
  • Business structure: Establish the company structure like an LLC. It is also necessary to choose the corporate name.
  • Plan of business outline your business’s offerings your customers, the market you’ll provide, and how you’ll finance your brand new venture as well as other information needed for a business strategy.
  • Marketing strategy Who is your market of choice and which strategies are you using to inform them about your pool business?
  • The money you need to start your business If you don’t have the equipment and tools required to begin your business, you’ll have to locate financing to purchase the equipment.
  • License for business You can get one from your county or city.
  • Certification: Contact your local health department to learn what’s required
  • Insurance Your state might also require you to be fingerprinted and bonded.
  • Ability to swim: In the event that you do fall into the water, you must be able to swim to safety.
  • Healthful physical and mental health: Effective pool cleaning requires stamina as well as energy.
  • Wearing sunscreen or a hat The sun is fun however, it’s also risky when you don’t have the proper protection.
  • Bottles of water and a cooler You’ll be out in the sun all day and work hard so it’s important to drink plenty of water.
  • Flyers and business cards or brochures: You could hand these at shops selling pool supplies in your local area.
  • A well-prepared pitch: Although you could give out your business card to companies and organizations, having a pre-planned pitch that you can present to hotels/motels or gyms, apartments, spas, and contractors can increase the chances of getting hired.
  • Basic pool equipment and supplies: You’ll have to buy poles, hoses and skimmers and cleaning products, and chemicals, as well as testing kits.
  • A reliable transportation system: You’ll require this to transport the equipment for cleaning your pool.
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