How to Read and Approve a Banquet Event Order (BEO)

How to Read and Approve a (BEO)

Venues want to ensure that big events are held without a hitch, or If there’s an issue they’d like to make certain that it wasn’t their fault. To ensure that they offer carefully designed Banquet Events Orders (BEOs) that the event’s coordinators have to sign. Although it may be difficult to pursue a lawsuit when a BEO is not adhered to according to all the rules, it’s legally binding and must be carefully read before signing.

What Is a Banquet Event Order?

Each major event held in a hotel or a special location for events needs a BEO or an agreement that covers each aspect that will be covered during the celebration. If you’re a planner you’ll need to be acquainted with BEOs to ensure that you can ensure that the details are properly covered.

The agreement is typically written on a form that includes the choices for drinks and food as well as audio/visual, room set-up and table centerpieces, staffing requirements, and any other details related to the celebration. In the BEO is an estimated list of expenses you’ll have to cover. This information is likely to be divided into subheadings together with contact details along with the schedule, the conditions and terms of the agreement, and those signature blocks.

Reading the BEO

Although it’s evident that you have to go through the BEO and accept the terms of the agreement, you should that have reviewed the small details. It is crucial to be aware of what you’re signing up for, which includes the total cost.

Make sure that the following are listed within the General Section of the BEO:

  • Contact’s details on-site, including an e-mail address
  • The space is available to host this event (double-check to make sure these spaces are those you have toured)
  • Start, set up, and finish time for each event.
  • The total number of guests anticipated

Food and Beverage Arrangements

A portion in BEO BEO will be dedicated to the arrangement of food and beverages. It is important to ensure that the following information is included on this page:

  • The complete menu comprising all meals
  • Each item served at a buffet, and the way the stations will be laid out up and where they will be placed within the space
  • What the venue plans to do to accommodate guests with special diet issues (such as vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan diets)
  • Service hours
  • Extra special items for service including sparkling water and wine placed on the tables
  • A list of all food prices
  • A complete list of alcohol available that includes the brands of beer and alcohol that are available at bars

Room Setup

The BEO must specifically describe the complete room layout. This should include:

  • Tables are placed on tables
  • The number of seats per table.
  • Food stations placed at the stations
  • Where the entertainment will take place (and specifics about accommodation for entertainers, if needed, such as storage of equipment accessibility to food or beverages as well as changing spaces, etc.)
  • The location of the bar(s)

Certain BEOs might also include an illustration of the setup.

Audio/Visual and Outside Vendors

Audio/visual arrangements can be found in a BEO however, as the majority of venues contract out A/V services with a third party it is possible to have an additional contract. If it’s included in the BEO ensure that all the details are agreed upon before you sign off on the contract.

Terms and Conditions

Every contract, including BEOs, is governed by specific terms and conditions that you must acquiesce to. Be sure to be informed of all terms and conditions before signing the contract. For instance, What are the terms of the contract in the event of cancellation? What will be the procedure for settling disputes when, for example, guests slip and are injured and falls?

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