How to Make Money and Get Paid by YouTube

How to Make Money and Get Paid by YouTube

Setting up the YouTube channel of your choice could provide a range of options to earn a living. With perseverance and commitment, you might find you’ll continue to increase your earnings.

The most popular opportunities to earn cash by monetizing ad views, promoting paid ads as well as signing up for YouTube’s YouTube Partner Program. Before you know more about these methods to earn money and learn how to begin using these opportunities, you must be aware of the financial advantages of becoming a YouTuber.

How Much Money Can YouTubers Earn?

Based on Forbes the YouTuber with the highest earnings in the last year was 9-year-old Ryan Kaji, who took approximately $29.5 million between the 1st of June, 2019 between June 1 and June 1 in 2020. His channel, which features videos of DIY experiments in science and toy reviews, had 41.7 million subscribers. In addition, his videos were viewed by 12.2 billion viewers. Additionally, Jimmy Donaldson, known on the internet by the name “MrBeast,” was ranked as the second-highest-earning with a revenue of $24 million, and racking up 47.8 million viewers and subscribers because of his high-quality videos of funny actions. 1

While the mentioned YouTube celebrities are only a tiny percentage, there are numerous more moderately popular channels where you are able to earn a profit via the Google platform.

Choosing a Niche

If you’re considering monetizing your channel, you’ll need to be aware that certain areas are more lucrative than others. Gaming, for instance, is one of the most profitable YouTube subjects. Other genres that are profitable comprise life hacks comedy or pranks, compilations of failures and product unboxings (specifical toys for children) tutorials and how-tos as well as kitchen tips and review lists, reviews of the top things, animal videos news, and gossip about celebrities.

When you are looking for lucrative genres take note that many niches are saturated. Choose a field of interest that isn’t subject to many competitors. For instance, if, for example, you decide to concentrate on gaming, then you may be able to steer clear of building the channel on Minecraft, Fortnite, or other games that are the focus of the most popular channels.

How Does YouTube Pay?

YouTubers earn money through a variety of different ways, such as ad views as well as YouTube’s YouTube Partner program. To maximize the amount of money earned, it’s essential to be aware of all the options available before getting to work.

Earn Money Through Ad Views

Payment for ads is contingent on CPM (cost per 1,000 views) in which a user must view at least 30 seconds of advertisement or half of the advertisement on an extremely short video as well as CPC (cost per click) in which the user must click on the advertisement. Ads that are skipped don’t earn payments.

You can create the AdSense account immediately after you’ve started your channel but you won’t be able to receive an income until your balance is $100, which may be a long time in the beginning if you’re just starting out. 3

Google gives the majority of advertising sales revenue. That means for every $100 an advertiser is paid by Google and YouTube, it pays the YouTuber the sum of $68. 4An advertiser typically is paid between 10 cents between 30 and 10 cents per view, which is approximately 18 cents per click.

If you think that approximately 15% of viewers view the advertisement enough that you will be paid If you consider that a video that has 1,000 views is likely to receive around 150 views. Based on these estimates you could expect to earn around $18 per 1,000 ad views. This is about three to five dollars per 1,000 views of the video. 2

The YouTube Partner Program

One of the easiest ways to earn a living via using your channel on YouTube is make cash through ads views.

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) allows channels to access additional earning opportunities when they meet the criteria for qualifying.

To be considered to be reviewed in order to join the YPP A channel must:

  • More than 1,000 subscribers
  • Over 4,000 valid public-watch hours during the last year (private videos, not listed, or deleted videos aren’t counted)
  • Follow YouTube’s policies on monetization
  • Have a base in a nation or region in which YPP is readily available
  • Have a linked AdSense account

When a channel is able to meet the threshold, it’s able to be evaluated for the YPP. However, it must adhere to YouTube’s additional guidelines and policies to be able to get acceptance for this program.

While you don’t need to maintain the threshold requirements each year when your channel falls below the threshold and remains not active for six months, it could be taken off the program of partners.

Participating in the YPP allows you to begin making money through a myriad of features. Each component has its own set of qualifications along with requirements for subscribers and views. The features should also be accessible in your country or region.

The YPP lets users earn money through:

  • Advertising revenue
  • Videos viewed by Premium YouTube subscribers
  • Channel memberships, where members pay for benefits
  • Users who pay to be featured in Super Chat as well as Super Stickers
  • Sales of items that are brand new through the merch shelves

Other Ways to Earn Money From YouTube Content

The opportunities to make money through YouTube are far beyond the standard methods mentioned above.

Paid Promotions

Making use of paid advertisements like sponsorships, product placements, and endorsements is a great way to earn money.

Certain niches, like tutorials and review channels, are a great fit for paid-for promotions such as affiliate marketing.

The process of securing paid promotion is possible in many different ways. You can reach out to companies with a request or, if you are well-known in your field, then you could be invited by businesses.

If you mark your content as having paid-for promotions, YouTube will display a warning message at the start of your video.

YouTubers, and the companies they collaborate with, are accountable for observing any other local or legal obligations, as well.

They are also accountable to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an excellent resource to make sure that you’re legal in the creation of content that includes paid advertising.

Selling a Product or Service

If you are selling an item or service, YouTube can be an excellent platform to advertise your company, assert your expertise and increase customers to your website. Videos that are helpful such as Q&As and tutorials, could lead prospective customers to your company.

In-Person Events

When your channel is at significant levels that are attracting attention, then you could increase your revenue by selling tickets to your fans to events in person, such as live recordings or appearances on tour. Offering merchandise with a branded logo can help boost your sales and also increase brand recognition. YouTubers with a following can make money from attending conventions and selling their branded merchandise or signing autographs.

Direct Support

Channels with a committed following could see success with crowdfunding websites. GoFundMe along with Kickstarter are excellent options for projects that are only one-time, while Patreon and Ko-Fi offer options for continuous support. YouTubers generally offer their subscribers diverse rewards for contributions of various levels. The money can be given on a regular basis or in a single-time donation to benefit an organization or cause.

The Bottom Line

If you are patient and dedicated With perseverance and dedication, you can increase the reach of your YouTube channel by identifying and taking advantage of potential income-generating opportunities that match your channel’s niche, goal, and financial objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Does YouTube Pay?

YouTube pays out monthly, generally from the 10th to the 14th of the month. In order to earn money, users must satisfy specific requirements, such as:

  • The threshold for local payments is reached, e.g., $100 for U.S. creators
  • In conformity with YouTube the monetization policy of YouTube
  • In the absence of being suspended or applying a hold to your accounts 

How Does YouTube Pay Out?

YouTube pays the creators’ AdSense accounts, provided that they have gotten rid of any hold on payments and the earnings are in line with the thresholds. (For U.S. creators, the threshold for payment is $100)

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