How to Choose a Deadbolt Lock

How to Choose a Deadbolt Lock

A deadbolt is a mechanical security standard that protects the exterior of doors. If you are choosing a deadbolt that will secure your company, there are a number of things to take into consideration.

ANSI Grade 1

ANSI is the acronym for the American National Standards Institute. They are a non-profit organization that is responsible for the development of standards applicable to a wide range of industries. To be able for deadbolts to be considered commercial quality, it has to conform to the specifications of ANSI Grade 1 specification. This means that the deadbolt must meet the ANSI Grade 1 specification.

  • It has been tested to 250,000 cycles of open/close cycles.
  • Bolts that extend 1 inch from the door frame
  • Stand up to 10 hammer blows without falling apart

Double or Single Cylinder?

Deadbolts can be found in single and double cylinder designs. Double cylinder deadbolts require an access key to open the deadbolt on one side or the other of the doors. The deadbolt of a single cylinder may be unlocked or locked with a simple thumb turn.

The conventional wisdom on security has recommended that double-cylinder deadbolts should be installed on doors that have windows. This reduces the risk of breakage of the glass and then attempting to open your door. There are however several reasons to reconsider this method and opt for the deadbolt with a single cylinder for the majority of instances.

The main reason is the concern about life security. Double cylinder deadbolts can stop you from leaving quickly in the event of an emergency. It isn’t a good idea to find keys when your home is burning. Certain manufacturers make the “captive thumb turn” key which is basically an open thumb turn that converts the lock from one to double cylinder. However, it is the nature of the key that is able to be removed, it might not be useful for you when you require it.

Another reason to reconsider this rule can be attributed to the durability of contemporary windows. When the single-pane glass was standard, deadbolts that were single-cylinder were riskier. The glass that is used on the majority of modern doors isn’t as strong.

We recommend that you utilize a single-cylinder Grade 1 Deadbolt on your doors that are outside. If possible, you should use solid doors without glass.

UL 437

Underwriters Laboratories is another well-known organization that evaluates products and develops standards. UL 437 defines the norm for high-security locks, which is recognized across the industry of security. To be able to pass the UL 437 test, locks have to withstand different types of attack, such as cutting, drilling or prying.

Proper Installation

“Strike “strike” is the metal plate that attaches to the door jamb and accepts the bolt. This must be secured with screws of 3 inches. The use of long screws secures your strike in the frame of the door not only the jamb. Furthermore to that, your lock must include a strengthened strike plate that has offset screw holes. Off-set holes will ensure that screws don’t drive through the same grain of wood. If someone tries to slam your door the jamb is likely to open up before the deadbolt. However, the long plates and screws will take a serious crushing.

Key Control

All this physical security will not be able to stop someone who has the key. That’s why you should pay close to key control policies. Key Control Policy.

Locksmith or DIY?

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and only have the doors you need to guard This article will allow you to make the right decision regardless of whether you purchase your locks from a locksmith or large-box store. If you need a master key system or a patented key control, it’s best to invest the additional money and enlist the help of an expert locks


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