How to Become an Event Planner

How to Become an Event Planner

The job of an event planner isn’t just about throwing parties, it’s about designing programs that are able to address the goal or message your client is trying to convey.

Event planners put in all hours to organize and plan the details for nearly every kind of event that including private-public conferences, seminars, trade shows, and exhibitions for industry Employee retreats, employee meetings, and many more.

The Event Planning Industry

A study from the Events Industry Council reported that global business events accounted for greater than $1 trillion worth of direct expenditure, and created 10.3 million jobs worldwide. In 2018, the United States led the world in event production and was then followed by China and Germany. 1

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides three major types of professional planning: events, conventions, and meetings. events. As of 2018, the average wage for each planner was $49370 for the year. 2 The specific tasks that are required of planners will differ according to the particular sector, however the majority of planners are in charge of the following tasks:

  • Talk to clients about the reason for why they’re having a event or meeting.
  • Create the necessary details for the event, such as its timing, venue, and the cost
  • Inquire about bids from venues caterers, as well as other service providers
  • Visit the venues to verify their usability of the venue and ensure they meet standards.
  • Menus, coordination rooms items, giveaways of products transport, and other services
  • Supervise all actions to ensure everyone is happy
  • Examine invoices, bills, and bills and then approve the payment

“Event planners [specifically] will coordinate celebrations such as anniversaries, reunions, and other large social events, as well as corporate events, including product launches, galas, and award ceremonies. There are also nonprofit event planners who plan large events with the goal of raising donations for a charity or advocacy organization. Events may include banquets, charity races, and food drives. “

Event Planning Skills

To succeed, event organizers must have a wide range of abilities. They must be able to excel in written and verbal communications, and possess exceptional organizational and time management abilities. It is also crucial that they have project management experience and the ability to multitask.

Self-starters who can work well as teams and remain at ease and calm under pressure can also excel as event organizers. Negotiation, budgeting, and management skills for staff are required and you must be capable of interacting with all different levels of leadership. Event planners who are successful have developed a sense of humor regarding location selection, catering production entertainment, gift ideas accommodation, transportation as well as conference and hotel services.

Requisite Degree

The people who are interested in the field of event management come from a wide range of careers as well as academic backgrounds. Most employers will prefer an undergraduate degree in business administration, hospitality management, marketing, public relations, or communications. But, many planners begin in other fields or by way of administrative positions that require taking on planning duties.

Getting Started

Start your event planning process the similar way you prepare your next event, with strategies and detailed documentation. Begin by following these steps:

  • To gain knowledge, you can volunteer your time to a non-profit organization or a firm like a catering service or florist, an event designer, or any other event organizer.
  • In the event that you’re planning an existing gathering with an event planner, you can move towards becoming more involved. It’s as simple as asking your manager to do more tasks within the circumstances of the next event you’re planning.
  • Join organizations like Meeting Planners International or the International Live Events Society to make connections. If you have more contacts get to know and the more connections you establish in the business and the more successful for you to establish your reputation as an event planner.
  • Create a portfolio of events to display your skills and experience.
  • As well as establishing connections with other event planners make connections with vendors outside of your network or business partners. The musicians, caterers, and media personalities can boost your exposure and increase the influence of your circle.

The management of time and organization methods you use in your personal life is a clear sign to others of your aptitude to plan events. When you’re preparing to interview with a different business planning firm or establishing and growing your own, the goal is to be in a state of calm, order, and on time.

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