Five Great Places to Find Free or Low Cost Pallets

Five Great Places to Find Free or Low Cost Pallets

If you’re in need of free pallets There are a few obvious places to look for them.

Small-scale local shops or facilities

It’s usually difficult to protect pallets from large generators of pallets like big-box retailers, supermarkets, or even manufacturing facilities. Large companies typically have programs for pallets that allow them to reuse pallets within their own facilities and return them or recycle them. A lot of them do not allow unannounced visitors on their premises. In this regard, it is better to handle small businesses and schools, senior homes, and other businesses.

Request Your Local Store Locations

The local grocery stores and the big building supply stores could be the perfect spot for you. If you’re looking for the right kind of pallet, and are a valued customer positive things could occur. There are many shop owners who have pallets they’ll be happy to offer for free if it’s not huge trouble to separate the pallets for you. It’s never a bad idea to inquire.

Visit a Distribution Center

If your local business contacts are unable to find the pallets that you require, they’ll be able to arrange a transfer further along the chain of supply to the distribution center. Distribution centers usually receive excellent quality, but not conforming pallets that do not work with their system. In this case they might offer to store them and then make them available for you to collect. But, don’t show up in the center without a prearranged appointment and make sure you get an appointment prior to arriving. In reality, getting a distribution centre to let you in to pick up odd pallets could be a gamble however it may make sense.

If you develop a relationship with the organization and establish a relationship, you could secure an extensive, long-lasting supply.

One benefit is that, as companies increasingly strive to reach zero Landfills as well as other sustainability goals, pallet recycling is a step in the right direction from the process of grinding or landfilling. 1

Verify the exterior of businesses

If you spot empty pallets leaning against the wall of a building or a construction site, the managers or site owners might be willing to let you use them, but be sure to inquire. Don’t assume empty pallets are available to be taken. Although it’s a reasonable assumption that pallets that are left outside and unprotected aren’t wanted but you could be mistaken. Some businesses store their pallets outside as they do not have the space to store the pallets until they’re removed. Be aware that certain states have container and pallet theft laws that may be in force. 2 If the pallet is marked with an ownership mark on it for example CHEP, PECO, iGPS, Coca-Cola, U.S. Postal Service, or others and it is not removed, then it must be taken away.

These companies are adamant about enforcing the right of ownership to their pallets and you could be charged with illegal possession of these pallets. 3

Make a Trip to Your Local Pallet Manufacturer or Recycler

Recyclers of pallets typically receive top quality however non-standard pallets offer little or no significance, aside from maybe for grinding or dismantling. If you stop by a recycler and describe the kind of pallets that you require, they could offer non-conforming pallets for no cost or at a fair price. 4

The Bottom Line

Although the aim is to get free pallets, what’s really happening is that purchasing a brand new wooden pallet isn’t very costly. If you think about the costs of searching in search of older pallets and the cost of buying them, it could prove to be an economical option to buy pallets from a local manufacturer. There are pallets that are not sized correctly or have other issues that make them less expensive and a great purchase for the purpose of crafting.

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