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According to estimates, 52% of U.S. workers will be gig economy workers by 2023. 48% of millennials are using gig job platforms to find work and engage with clients

People take on gig jobs to earn extra income to pay off their debts or make them less dependent on full-time work. You can do anything, from side-hustle to full-time work, or freelance projects that are based on your professional skills.

compared over two dozen gig- and freelance job websites and selected the best based upon reputation, job or career focus, ease of use, cost, and cost. These are our top choices.

The Best Websites to Find Gig Jobs in 2022

  • Best Overall
  • Runner-Up, Best Overall: Freelancer
  • Best for Experienced Workers: Guru
  • Best for Moonlighting: TaskRabbit
  • Best for IT Pros: TOPTAL
  • Best for Remote Jobs FlexJobs
  • Best for Creatives: 5rr

What is Gig Jobs?

Gig jobs allow people to work on small projects for a small amount of money, often equivalent to a few hours. You can do gig jobs as easy as running errands or assembling IKEA furniture. Or you can design logos or manage complex business projects.

People use gig jobs to supplement full-time or part-time work. They can also make extra money without being tied to an employer. Some people use gig or freelancing jobs to make a transition to another career or to reduce their current job to make way for more rewarding work.

A gig can provide multiple streams of income, rather than just one. To test the waters and see if a new career is right, those looking to change careers can take on gigs or freelance jobs.

How do Gig Job Sites Work

Two sides to gig job sites are available: one is for individuals and businesses looking for help, and the other is for service providers.

A gig site or freelancer site will allow a user to create a profile that includes their skills, experience, and rates. The site will match users with individuals or businesses that have projects similar to their skills.

After finding a job that interests them, users can submit a proposal and negotiate terms to accept the job. Many gig sites handle both invoicing and payment to make sure that everyone gets what they agreed on.

How Much Does it Cost to Use a Website To Find Gig Jobs?

Many gig sites do not charge any fees to advertise and create a profile. They take a percentage from every job. The percentage can range from 5% to 20%. Users with higher total billing amounts are usually eligible for a lower amount.

Other gig sites offer memberships at prices between $12 and $50 per month. They also offer additional opportunities for freelancers to increase their profile on the platform and to get more work.

A few gig workers can take 100% of their earnings and add a markup to the purchase or take a percentage.

What Do Gig Workers Make?

Priceonomics reports that 85% of gig workers earn less than $500 per month. Steady, however, says that gig workers can add an average $624 to their monthly income. 3

These amounts are based upon jobs that require little skill such as ridesharing, food delivery and running errands. Fiverr’s talented creatives will make less than their professional counterparts, but they can still focus on what they love and build their portfolio accordingly.

Skilled professionals can use sites like Guru or Toptal to get industry rates without the need to work with one employer. While gig jobs don’t pay as well as part-time or full-time jobs they offer the flexibility that freelancers have in setting their own schedules and taking on the work they desire.

Is it worth using a website to find gig jobs?

A gig site is not necessary for people looking for odd jobs. For those who are looking for a job, a Craigslist Gigs listing will suffice. A gig or freelance site is best for those looking for steady work, or professional services that have higher prices or tiered pricing.

One reason is that gig websites vet both buyers and sellers to avoid scams and make sure that payments are made. A large number of potential customers are available to freelancers who are looking for their services. Freelancers who use gig platforms have the opportunity to build their reputation and increase their rates.

How we chose the best sites to find gig jobs

We looked at more than two dozen freelancing websites to build our list. We chose top-rated sites that have large freelancer pools and clients who are looking to hire them. We looked for companies that offer buyers and sellers the ability to communicate, make arrangements and even pay through the site.

We made sure that we chose platforms that were tailored to the needs of specific sellers, such as creatives and skilled professionals. The success of gig workers depends on finding the right buyers willing to pay them again and again.


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