Best Shipping Companies for Small Business

Best Shipping Companies

Small business shipping firms assist businesses in delivering the items they’ve ordered to their customers. Based on the U.S. Census Bureau, the retail sales of e-commerce reached nearly $222.5 billion in the 2nd quarter of 2021. That’s 13.3 percent of purchases in the United States. 1 Shipping companies can help small companies maintain positive relationships with their customers by delivering orders in time and at affordable rates They can also assist companies with logistical assistance and managing the inventory.

As shipping companies play an important part in the small-business logistics chain, we analyzed more than a dozen companies to identify the most reliable shipping companies for small-sized firms. We looked at the reputation of each company and reputation, the cost of shipping and how fast products can be delivered, and how simple to do transactions with them. Continue reading to discover which is the most suitable for you.

The 7 Top Shipping Companies for Small Business in 2022

  • The Best All-Round: United States Postal Service
  • Great for Small Packages: Sendle
  • Ideal for Large packages: UPS
  • The best for international Shipping: DHL Express
  • Ideal for Business e-Commerce: ShipBob
  • The best option for quick shipping: FedEx
  • Most Affordable Alternative: EasyPost

Best Shipping Companies for Small Business

  • United States Postal Service
  • Sendle
  • UPS
  • DHL Express
  • ShipBob
  • FedEx
  • EasyPost
  • Final Confirmation
  • Compare Shipping Companies
  • How do small businesses Send Goods?
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THE BEST OVERALL United States Postal Services

The reason we chose it: We chose the United States Postal Service as the most reliable overall shipping service for small-sized businesses since it ships international and domestic goods provides discounts and loyalty points for small-sized companies and can deliver items within 2-8 days in the average. Additionally, it is worth noting that the USPS offers an API for applications (APIs) that allow small companies to easily integrate shipping tools into their website.

In 1775 and established in 1775, it was established in 1775. United States Postal Service (USPS) was chosen as our pick for the most reliable overall shipping service for small businesses since it can deliver mail internationally and domestically and packages are delivered within 2 to 8 days, and you are able to receive some delivery on holidays and Sundays in the largest U.S. markets (with an additional cost).

Like most small-sized shipping companies The USPS shipping charges depend on the size of the package and delivery location as well as the speed at which delivery is made. For instance, the cost for the Priority Mail small flat rate box that is shipped domestically and delivered within 1-3 days is $7.70. Businesses also get discounts on pricing and loyalty credit. For example, companies that use the Click-N’Ship service online from the USPS can receive shipping credits based on the amount spent.

Companies using the Click-N’Ship service provided by the USPS are able to earn loyalty credits like:

  • Basic Loyalty Programme: 40 credits per 500 dollars spend (automatic enrollment)
  • Silver Tier 50 credit for every $500 you spend (enrollment that involves a purchase of at least $10,000 in Priority Mail as well as Priority Mail Express shipping labels the preceding calendar year)
  • Gold Tier Commercial Basis Pricing (enrollment with spending of at least $20,000 in Priority Mail as well as Priority Mail Express shipping labels in the previous calendar year)

It’s also simple for companies to utilize the for-free USPS APIs to incorporate shipping tools on their business websites this is a benefit.

Best for Small PackagesSendle

Special Deal: Sendle will be giving away 5 free messages to new accounts who sign up using this article from April 1st through April 30th.

The reason we chose it: Sendle is the small-sized business shipping service that is ideal for small packages as it is guaranteed to beat the rates that major carriers charge to deliver domestic packages that weigh up to 20lbs. Furthermore, Sendle’s shipping is carbon-neutral 100.

Sendle is an Australian-based small business shipping firm that has been operating since 2014 and provides shipping across all of the United States. We chose this company as one of our choices for most suitable for small-sized packages due to the fact that it can ship smaller parcels (up to 20 pounds) within The U.S. including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, and it is backed by a promise the company will match rivals’ prices for packages of up 20 pounds.

The average cost to ship small packages cost $8.29 (a penny lower than the price paid by the USPS for the same package). Sendle also offers discounts based on volume which brings the cost lower to $8.06 for companies that ship more than 200 packages per month. There are also no commitments or subscription charges.

While Sendle does not offer an express shipping option, however, the majority of items are sent within 1 to 4 business days. Sendle allows even businesses with low volumes to make use of its shipping services and delivery service, since it provides no-cost integrations to Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, and Etsy.

Furthermore, Sendle achieved certification as a B Corporation, which signifies Sendle’s commitment to serving the greater good of humanity. 2 In fact, shipping using Sendle is carbon-free.

Best for large packages

The Reason We Picked It: We chose UPS as the small-business shipping provider that can handle large-sized packages due to its reasonable prices (large containers that are flat rate begin at $18.40) Additionally, the company has a good name and has tools made specifically for small-sized businesses.

UPS is a shipping firm established in 1907 with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, that ships packages around the world. We selected UPS as the small-business shipping firm that can handle large-sized packages due to its excellent service for shipping as well as reasonable costs. UPS will help you figure out how best to get your goods ready for shipping and also provides step-by-step directions for palletizing your packages.

The cost for a large flat rate container delivered domestically using UPS is $18.40 (varies in accordance with the speed of delivery). The retail cost is $21.90 for a comparable large flat rate box from the USPS. Smaller businesses can benefit from reduced rates from UPS and shipping discounts which range from 20 to 50%, based on the speed of shipping desired and the business’s average weekly volume of shipping.

UPS offers a variety of tools that can aid you in calculating how much you will pay for your packages and delivery time. Ground delivery in the United States through UPS is typically 1-5 days, with several choices that allow delivery within just three or fewer days. In addition, UPS also offers next-day or even same-day delivery in certain cases.

Although not all of the UPS APIs can be utilized for websites with customer interfaces, UPS has other services specially designed for small companies. They offer dashboards that provide you with information about your deliveries and tools created specifically for online retailers.

Best for International Shipping DHL Express

Why We Decided to Use it: We chose DHL Express as the small-business shipping firm that can best handle international shipping due to its knowledge and experience in this area and also because it offers a variety of services specifically designed to assist small-sized businesses participating in international trade.

DHL was established in 1969 and is a part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, one of the leading logistics companies based in Germany. The company’s small-business shipping services are offered through its DHL Express division. DHL Express is the division that provides small business shipping solutions. DHL Express headquarters are located in Plantation, Florida. We picked DHL Express as the most suitable option for international shipping as it is their specialization.

DHL has a variety of excellent sources for businesses that are just beginning to enter the international business, including a guide on international trade, which outlines the fundamentals of customs, imports, and exports. DHL offers a comprehensive international shipping guide with details on what you must do to ensure that you get the best experience when shipping internationally.

The guide to rates and services gives detailed information on the cost of shipping with DHL. The costs vary widely depending on the size of your package as well as whether it’s exported as well as export. Also, it depends on the speed of the shipping as well as any surcharges or other services you may choose to add. It is necessary to obtain an estimate or consult DHL’s rate guide to estimate your shipping cost. Be aware of the specifics that are included, such as the details of the shipping agreement to ensure that you don’t get confronted with unexpected charges.

The speed of DHL’s delivery varies based on the details of shipping and the amount you’re willing to spend. If you require speed, DHL Express has several plans that will allow you to receive your package at the end of the shortest possible business day.


The Reasons We Choose it: We chose ShipBob as the shipping service that is best suited for online shopping because it provides the full range of e-commerce logistics services. It also takes the burden of warehouse and inventory management. Smaller businesses can be able to pay less for shipping than they did it independently since ShipBob has agreed to discounts for bulk orders with 4 major shipping companies.

ShipBob is an independent logistic ( 3PL) company that was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Chicago. We chose it as one of the most suitable e-commerce options because the company offers a complete range of logistics for e-commerce and shipping solutions for small-scale businesses, including shipping, warehouse as well as inventory control.

One of the aspects that were what made ShipBob stand out from its competitors was the fact that its transparent pricing does not just include the cost for shipping but the total cost you’ll have to pay to complete the orders of your customers as well as store your products and keep track of your inventory.

It’s a one-time fee to sign-up (you must request an estimate) in addition to costs for ShipBob to get the inventory (e.g. $25 per hour for the initial two hours) You can also store all your stock (e.g. $5 per bin every month) and then ship every order (discounted costs for shipping, plus free picking following initial five purchases). Shipping boxes are completely free. This is what makes ShipBob perfect for online businesses and especially for those who require logistical support.

Orders made before noon will be delivered on the same day. Two-day delivery on offer. ShipBob has agreed to lower bulk rates with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL for both international and domestic shipping, which could be lower than what you can get by yourself. Additionally, ShipBob will give you estimates from all major carriers on every purchase, making it easy to determine the most affordable shipping cost.

ShipBob’s e-commerce platform ShipBob is available for free and has integrations to a variety of key online shopping applications. It also includes integrations with E-commerce websites and marketplaces such as Walmart, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, and many others.


The reason we chose it: We chose FedEx as the small-business shipping service that offers the fastest delivery because it provides regular home deliveries throughout the week, which includes Sundays and Saturdays. It means that packages can be delivered two days quicker than other shipping companies.

FedEx is a company that ships goods founded in 1973 with its headquarters located in Memphis, Tennessee. We picked FedEx as the best option for speedy shipping, as it offers international shipping, but it also delivers across all fifty U.S states, it also offers home delivery on Sundays and on Saturdays however, domestic FedEx Ground delivery takes 1-5 days within the continental United States and 3-7 days for Alaska and Hawaii. When you have regular delivery, your packages could be delivered as much as two days earlier than other shipping companies.

Alongside offering fast delivery, FedEx has a great small-business resource center. FedEx provides shipping discounts as well as discounts on printing and money management tools as well as other perks. Additionally, FedEx holds a small business grant contest every year. There are 12 awards worth $250,000 in 2021.

Costs for shipping vary based on the speed of delivery and the delivery time, which FedEx clearly states on its site. While you’ll have to request an estimate to determine the exact cost to ship your items, however, the most affordable shipping cost for small boxes was $12.05 with 3-day delivery. While this is slightly more expensive than the retail price of $7.70 that you pay using USPS and FedEx, your package will arrive faster since FedEx offers home deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays.

Other services that small-scale companies receive from FedEx include tools that can help businesses set up and grow their online businesses, speed up the delivery and fulfillment processes and provide customer service.

The most affordable OPTIONEasyPost

The Reasons We Choose it: We chose EasyPost as the small-business shipping service that offers the most cost-effective option because it’s a platform that lets you examine the shipping costs and speed of over 100 shipping companies. EasyPost’s API is available for free utilization with up to 120,000 deliveries each year, which makes it simple for small-sized businesses to locate the most affordable shipping solution.

EasyPost is a technology for a shipping company that was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters located in San Francisco. We recommend it as the lowest cost because using an API called EasyPost it is possible to examine rates and speed of delivery among a variety of carriers. EasyPost integrates with more than 100 companies, which makes it much easier for small-sized businesses to choose the most affordable shipping option. There’s also no cost for companies shipping 120,000 or less of their packages each year.

Instead of shipping directly to the recipient, EasyPost offers APIs to assist small businesses in reducing the process of automating, coordinating, and controlling their shipping procedures. The APIs created by EasyPost lets businesses compare rates and shipping costs via a myriad of carriers through one integration, monitor shipping in real-time, verify addresses, and secure packages by insuring them.

There is no charge to set up an account on EasyPost and the APIs are able to be configured and integrated in between 4 and 40 hours. However, you will require integration in order to connect to the API.

The basic Developer package provided by EasyPost is free and lets customers review the cost of shipping, check speed and create shipping labels and track the shipments of 120,000 parcels per year. If you’re looking for a larger quantity of packages to ship, you’ll have to inquire with EasyPost for their Enterprise package. But, the volume of packages offered within the developer package will suffice for the majority of small-sized companies.

Final Verdict

We compared over dozen service providers to identify the top shipping companies for small-sized businesses that can meet the needs of a wide range of businesses. The cost of shipping varies based on the size of the package and location and how fast it must be delivered. Most shipping companies can have packages delivered in five to seven days. Some can also deliver the packages directly to residences within the U.S. on Sundays.

Although each of the small-business shipping companies listed on our list is excellent choice, we picked USPS. USPS is the most effective overall shipping firm for small businesses because it has a long track record of operation and generally provides the most competitive rates and the fastest speeds to satisfy the needs of shipping for most small-sized firms.

Compare Shipping Companies

Shipping Company Why WE CHOSEN IT DOMESTIC Delivery Speed
United States Postal Service The best rates and fastest speeds for all small business shipping requirements 2-8 days in average
Sendle We guarantee that we will beat the cost of major carriers for packages up to 20 pounds. One to four business days, on average
UPS Prices are lower than other providers for large packages. One to five business days are the norm.
DHL Express It shares its expertise in international shipping with small businesses that require shipping internationally Next-day delivery that is time-critical available
ShipBob It offers a wide range of logistical solutions for online companies, including logistics for shipping Delivery available within 2 days
FedEx Ships domestic packages to homes on every day of the week, with Sundays and Saturdays. 1-to-5 business day is typical.
EasyPost Small businesses can find the lowest price among 100plus providers In the same time as transporters permit.

How do small-scale businesses Send Goods?

The ground shipping method is by far the primary method used by small-sized businesses to deliver their products. The most popular shipping companies that are in use throughout the United States used by most small businesses to deliver their merchandise include of the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

In 2020 the USPS was able to handle 7.3 billion in package and shipping volume. 3

UPS offers around 6.3 billion packages each year and FedEx offers greater than six billion packages each year. Additionally, DHL Express handles shipments around the world and has an annual amount of 262 million deliveries.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

The prices that shipping companies charge differ according to the size of the package and destination and the speed at which it must be delivered. It is possible to pay a retail cost of between $8 and $12 for shipping small packages and $17-$21 to ship a bulky package to the US and delivery times range between one and five business days.

Take a look around and weigh your options to discover the lowest shipping price.

What shipping options do small businesses have?

Small-scale businesses should consider a shipping service for their products that must be delivered to their clients. While there are several shipping companies available, including the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are the most popular shipping companies within the United States, there are alternatives. Smaller businesses can locate API providers which allow them to compare shipping costs across different carriers, which means they’ll be better at being able to cut down on the cost of shipping.

What shipping features are available for small-sized businesses?

Smaller businesses are not the only ones who can deliver items by mail, but major U.S. mail carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL) also provide specific services specifically designed for small-sized businesses. Some examples of small-sized business shipping resources are:

  • Grants provided through FedEx to aid small-sized businesses to grow
  • Resources designed by DHL to help small-sized businesses how to ship their products globally
  • Advice and assistance on direct mail marketing offered by the USPS
  • Help for small-scale business financing through UPS in collaboration with Kabbage

How to Choose the Top Shipping companies for small Businesses

To determine the top shipping firms for small companies, we analyzed more than 12 companies to discover the cost of their shipping as well as how fast you can have your items shipped and how easy to work with them. We also assessed the credibility of each small-business shipping business. The top shipping companies provide reasonable rates and speedy delivery speeds. They also provide tools and resources made for small-sized businesses.

All of our small-business shipping companies are reliable businesses that will help you send your items at a reasonable cost-efficiently, swiftly, and quickly.

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