Best Shipping Companies for Small Business

Best Shipping Companies for Small Business

Small business shipping firms assist businesses in delivering the items they’ve ordered from their customers. As per the U.S. Census Bureau, online sales for retail totaled $222.5 billion in this second quarter. That’s 13.3 percent of all retail transactions in the United States. 1 Shipping companies can help small-sized businesses keep good relationships with their customers by delivering orders on time and at a reasonable cost They can also assist companies by offering logistical support and managing the inventory.

Because shipping companies play a crucial part in the small business logistics chain, we analyzed over a dozen suppliers to determine the top shipping firms for small-scale companies. We looked at each company’s reputation as well as the number of shipping charges as well as how quickly the goods could be delivered, as well as the ease with which you can conduct business with them. Read on to learn which is the most suitable for you.

The 7 Top Shipping Companies for Small Business in 2022

  • The Best All-Round: United States Postal Service
  • Great for small packages: Sendle
  • Ideal for Large packages: UPS
  • The best for international Shipping: DHL Express
  • Ideal for Business e-Commerce: ShipBob
  • The best option for quick shipping: FedEx
  • The most affordable option: EasyPost

Final Verdict

We looked at more than dozen companies to determine the top shipping companies for small businesses to satisfy the needs of a wide range of businesses. The cost of shipping varies based on the package’s weight and location and the speed at which it has to be delivered. Most shipping companies can have packages delivered in five to seven business days. Some can also deliver the packages directly to residences across the U.S. on Sundays.

Although each of the small-business shipping companies we’ve listed is excellent choices, we picked to go with the USPS as the most effective overall shipping service for small-sized businesses due to the fact that it has a long-standing history of operation and generally has the lowest rates and fastest speeds to satisfy the requirements of the majority of small-sized companies.

Compare Shipping Companies

United States Postal Service Has the lowest rates and the fastest speed for all small business shipping requirements 2-8 days, on average
Sendle We guarantee that we will be less expensive than the price of major carriers for packages up to 20 pounds. One to four business days in average
UPS Lower prices than other transporters for large packages One to five business days are the norm.
DHL Express It shares its expertise in international shipping for small-sized businesses that need to ship internationally Next-day delivery that is time-critical available
ShipBob It offers a wide range of logistics solutions for e-commerce businesses, including logistics for shipping Two-day delivery is available.
FedEx Domestic shipments are delivered to homes throughout the week, on Sundays and Saturdays. 1-to-5 business day is the norm.
EasyPost Small-sized businesses can get the most affordable cost among 100plus providers At the same time as transporters will allow

What are the most common ways small businesses Transport Goods?

The ground shipping method is by far the most popular option for small companies to transport their products. The main transporters that are in use throughout the United States used by most small-sized companies to deliver their products include that of United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

In the year 2020 in 2020, the USPS was able to handle 7.3 billion in the volume of packages and shipping. 3 UPS provides around 6.3 billion packages annually and FedEx provides over 6 billion parcels per year. Additionally, DHL Express handles shipments all over the world, with an annual amount of 262 million parcels.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

The prices paid by shipping companies differ according to the size of the package and location and the speed at which it will be there. Expect to pay a retail price of $8-$12 to send a small package and $17-$21 for shipping a larger package to the US and delivery times ranging from one to five days.

Consider all your options to discover the lowest shipping price.

What shipping options do small businesses have?

Smaller businesses should employ the services of a shipping company when selling products that must be delivered to their clients. While there are several shipping companies available, including the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are the most popular shipping companies within the United States, there are alternatives. Smaller businesses can locate API providers which allow them to compare shipping costs across different carriers, which means they’re better placed to lower the cost of shipping.

What shipping features are available for small businesses?

Small businesses can not only send items via mail, but major U.S. mail carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL) also provide solutions specifically for small-sized companies. Some examples of small-sized shipping services include:

    • Grants are offered through FedEx to aid small-sized businesses to grow
    • Resources designed by DHL to show small-sized businesses how to ship their products globally
    • Advice and assistance on direct mail marketing offered by the USPS
    • Assistance for small-scale business financing through UPS in collaboration with Kabbage

How Do We Choose the Best Shipping companies for small Businesses

To identify the most efficient shipping firms for small companies, we analyzed more than dozen companies to find out the cost of their shipping and how fast you can have your items delivered, and how simple to work with them. We also analyzed the reputations of each small-business shipping firm. The top shipping companies provide low prices and fast shipping times, plus they provide tools and other tools specifically designed for small businesses.

Our small business shipping companies are reliable companies that will help you ship your products at a low cost as well as quickly and efficiently.

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