Best Places to Donate Hair and How to Do It

Best Places to Donate Hair and How to Do It

Do you feel generous but would like to make a contribution that can be seen and make an immediate impact?

Consider donating your hair. You can certainly donate your hair, however, it’s a type of donation that requires more investigation than finding the closest donation box. This is also a gift that can make a significant difference to children and women who suffer from cancer, medical conditions, or trauma that causes hair loss.

Why Should You Donate Hair?

If someone loses their hair due to chemotherapy or because of Alopecia (absence of hair) is more than their appearance. Studies have shown that losing hair as a result of treatment for cancer makes sufferers feel sicker and can affect their self-esteem dramatically. 1 People who suffer from chemo-induced or natural hair loss suffer from greater levels of depression and anxiety, as well as low self-esteem, and a negative appearance, just to mention some.

The most common solution was synthetic wigs made from human-made hair. These wigs are easily accessible, however, they don’t have the real hair look. For children who are suffering from Alopecia or chemotherapy-related hair loss, synthetic wigs may not be available for smaller heads.

Some organizations started making use of natural hair to tackle these issues. Particularly for teens and children. Locks of Love particularly promotes natural hair wigs for children as they are able to be adjusted to the child’s active lifestyle. 4

Unfortunately, hair donations do make a that is the reason why more hair donations are required. According to the book Locks of Love, it takes between 10 and 12 ponytails to create one hair wig.

But, a crucial part of the donor process involves knowing the organization that will accept your hair and the way they’ll utilize it.

Best Organizations for Hair Donation

Locks of Love is one organization that is associated with hair donations, however, it’s not the sole one that you can decide to donate to. You may discover that you decide that a Locks of Love donation isn’t the ideal match for your hair. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct your own research.

The top hair donation organizations are:

  1. Locks of Love
  2. Wigs for Kids
  3. Hair We Share
  4. Children With Hair Loss

There are many choices for hair donations however, they are national organizations that allow you to make donations from any location. If you’re looking to have a local impact then you can look for local hair donation groups or drives.

Locks of Love

Locks of Love may be the most well-known hair donation service. In the years since 1997 Locks of Love has produced hundreds of wigs also known as “prostheses” as they call them, every year. The company creates wigs made of real hair especially for children in order to solve issues that arise from “traditional” wigs that are too big, rough, and are not available in child-friendly styles. 6

The charity receives a large number of locks every week, which makes it the world’s largest hair donation center. Find out more information regarding Locks of Love donations here.

Wigs for Kids

Established in 1981, Wigs for Kids is one of the longest-running organizations for hair donation within the U.S. Established in 1981 by Jeffrey Paul and his wife they have developed hair wigs that are designed to “withstand typical kid activities.” They don’t make wigs for kids by outsourcing to companies, and the wigs are made for extreme levels of activity. 

Wigs for Kids require hair donations to be a minimum of 12 inches long. 8 See Wigs for Kids’ other donations and the locations you can ship your donations.

Hair We Share

Established in 2014, Hair We Share donates real hair wigs for children who are younger than 18 years old and adults who face financial difficulties. The majority of wigs are given to those with medical conditions or cancer-related hair loss or who have been through trauma, like burns, which hinder hair growth. 9 Hair We Share has some “donation salons” throughout the United States that properly cut and then ship the hair. Hair that is acceptable must be 12 inches in length and not bleached or dyed. It is also possible to cut and ship your hair however, you must go through the procedure before you do so. 10 They also have a unique “Track Your Ponytail” program to let donors know the exact amount they are accomplishing. 10

Children With Hair Loss

From 2000 to the present, Children With Hair Loss has provided real hair wigs for children and young adults who are suffering from medically-related losing hair. 11 In the year 2019, they gave 608 wigs to kids all over the U.S. 12 They also provide the “care kit” so that children can keep their wigs over the course of many years. Children With Hair Loss also offers a wide selection of salon partners which makes it simple for donors to donate and cut their hair.

The General Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Donation

The majority of organizations have fairly rigid rules in relation to the donation of hair.

Many hair donations are taken away every year because they don’t meet the appropriate criteria.

To ensure that your donation is received in a safe and secure manner Know the correct way to give to the cause you wish to support.


  • Find out about hair donation agencies to find the perfect match for your particular hair.
  • Be sure that your hair donation is compatible with the organization’s guidelines.
  • Hair that is clean, well-trimmed and dry, clean, and at least 8 inches in length.
  • Follow the shipping instructions precisely.


  • If you assume that an organization will accept gray, dyed, or hair that is too short.
  • Mix hair from several people.
  • Hair that looks unhealthy and unwashed.
  • Send hair from multiple people into one package.

The most important thing to be aware of are:

  • Do trim your ends prior to beginning cutting your hair for donations. You can tell that the majority of charities require at minimum 8 inches of well-groomed hair to make hair wigs. It is not inclusive of inches of split or dead ends. Ensure you have a neat clean cut before you begin shopping.
  • Do clean and Dry your hair completely. Do not use styling tools and ensure the hair is not just a bit damp before it’s shipped, since it will mold.
  • Dofollow the exact shipping instructions. Certain organizations might require the use of a zipper bag and two ties, or any other specific shipping requirements be aware of.
  • Do visit the donation salon in the event that you find one. Simply look up “hair donation salon near me” to see what results pop up. They’ll know precisely how to split off, tie off or cut the hair according to the requirements of their company.
  • Don’tassume that all organizations will accept dyed hair. Some of those mentioned above will allow dyed hair but not highlighted hair. Others will only take hair that isn’t modified by any means.
  • DO not send ponytails made of gray hair unless your organization permits them.
  • DO NOTmix ponytails from different individuals. It is easier for organizations to separate donated hair if it’s placed in separate envelopes. Complete forms for every person who makes a donation regardless of whether they live located in the same residence and mail them in separate envelopes.

Giving the Gift of Confidence

There aren’t many more intimate ways to donate than giving your hair. While it might take some time to realize the effect of your donation, because most ponytails undergo about three or four months to the process, the outcome is a gorgeous wig that can be worn by children or women. Natural hair wigs boost confidence, aid sufferers of ailments feel better, and enable wearers to be active in their lives. What’s more unique than that?

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