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If it’s at work when a client is having an important conference call at home, or else, we must keep track of various notes and other information regularly. From a contact number for someone to a funny quote on blogs, it can be anything. Sometimes, the information that needs to be recorded isn’t written, but rather visual (e.g. an image of a flyer that has specific particulars).

Note-taking apps can help. These useful apps let you keep track of anything from text messages to voice memos all on your phone. However, with the plethora of note-taking apps to choose from it’s difficult to select the right one. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. These are our top picks for the top note-taking apps. They’re accessible on both iOS and Android as well as be accessed by using an Internet browser. Learn more about them and select the one(s) that is most appropriate for you.

The 8 Most Note-Taking Apps in 2022

  • The Best All-Round: Evernote
  • Runner-Up, Best Overall: OneNote
  • The best for collaboration: Dropbox Paper
  • Most user-friendly for ease of use: Simplenote
  • The Best Built-in for iOS: Apple Notes
  • Best Built-in For Android: Google Keep
  • Best For Managing Different Types Of Notes: Zoho Notebook
  • The Best Option for Encryption: Saferoom

Best OVERALLEvernote

With its capability to store many kinds of digital data and outstanding capabilities for organizing, Evernote is unquestionably the best note-taking software available.

Evernote allows you to record notes in various formats, such as images, text as well as audio and video recordings, Web clippings of pages, and other formats. Notes can be placed in virtual notebooks that can be managed using tools such as tags or shortcuts. Checklists, external or internal files everything could be attached to notes. You can also add custom reminders to notes and also send them to other users via email. The Evernote Web Clipper extension allows you to save Web pages with a single click, and then annotate them using highlights and callouts in a visual format. Utilizing the camera of your smartphone this app lets you scan and digitize anything from business cards to documents in a flash.

Evernote instantly synchronizes your data across several devices, making it possible access to it on any device, smartphone, or computer. The premium edition of the service comes with additional options, including offline access to notes/notebooks as well as annotations in PDF format.


Microsoft’s productivity tools are widely considered to be the best available and OneNote is no different. If you’re seeking an application that has a lot of features then look no further.

As a no-cost application for gathering information, OneNote lets you capture all sorts of information and then place it on a movable digital canvas. You can write, type or type with your hands (using a stylus) or cut Web pages, and even scan notes written by hand or entire pages. The application uses virtual notebooks to organize contents and is designed like a traditional three-ring binder. There are color-coded sections that can be used to store various kinds of notes and each section can have several pages. OneNote’s search feature is powerful and allows you to find information quickly that is on a specific webpage or throughout all of your notebooks. Notes can be organized with custom labels and tags and you can edit notes using highlights and annotations in ink.

As a component in Microsoft’s Office Suite, OneNote works well alongside other Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The application is accessible on every major platform, including iOS as well as Android.

The best paper for collaboration

There will be occasions when you need to collaborate with a partner or colleague to share details about a shared project. For these scenarios, you’ll need a great collaborative note-taking application, which is Dropbox Paper. Dropbox Paper is just that.

Dropbox Paper offers you (and your team) an environment for collaboration that lets you not only make notes and edit them, but as well as brainstorm ideas, discuss ideas, and even conduct meetings. The tools for managing tasks permit you to create to-do lists with due dates and even mention other people directly from the document. With annotations, you can make comments on a particular portion of the image within the document. Connecting your calendar with Paper will allow you to quickly find documents that are relevant to the agenda of your meeting. From audio and images through YouTube videos as well as GIFs You can upload nearly any kind of material in Paper’s workspace. Paper is compatible with other external apps like Sketch and Invision which allow instant previews of your files. Since it is a Dropbox application, Paper integrates well with Dropbox’s cloud storage service as well.

Dropbox Paper is available for both iOS and Android. It is also accessible online using a browser.

BEST for ease of USESimplenote

The name would have the user believe that Simplenote could be considered to be one of the most simple note-taking applications available. It is a straightforward way to manage notes, lists and thoughts. Simplenote’s main focus is on speed and effectiveness. Simply open the app, enter notes, and you’re completed. You can make any number of notes you like, and then modify them as needed. Once you’ve got a substantial number of notes and tags, you can utilize the tags or pins that you have to manage the notes.

Simplenote’s lightning-fast search feature allows you to find quickly what you’re looking to find by displaying relevant listings that alter as you type in the search phrase. All you require to begin using Simplenote is a free account that lets you save your data in the cloud. Additionally, it synchronizes your notes across different devices, making it possible to use them on any device, including a PC smartphone, tablet, or computer. Simplenote runs on every platform you can dream of that including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, it is accessible on the Web.

Despite its simplicity, Simplenote comes with a variety of sharing and collaboration options that make it more valuable. It even backups old notes and lets you slide a slider to access their older versions.

Best Built-in for IOSApple Notes

If you own an iPhone or an iPad or an iPad, you don’t require an application from a third party. Apple’s Notes application, integrated into iOS will suffice for all of your note-taking needs.

From long-form, textual notes to lists of tasks, Notes let you write down all the details. It also lets you add Web hyperlinks, documents scanned as well as sketches to notes. For a quick start, click on the New Note icon and type away. It is also possible to use Siri (Apple’s digital assistant) for creating a brand new note and then dictate its contents. Camera functionality in the app makes it simple to add images to notes and it also lets you scan documents on paper to convert the notes.

Apple Notes allows you to add attachments, such as documents and maps to existing and new notes through the Share feature of other applications like Safari. Notes are stored in the cloud and synchronization through iCloud ensures that you can access them from each iOS as well as macOS device. Apple Notes supports gesture writing and allows you to draw using your finger directly into a note and choose from a selection of styles and shades. If you own an iPad you can make use of Apple Pencil to take handwritten notes.

The entire content saved within Apple Notes can be secured by a password or fingerprint.

Best Built-in for Android Keep

As the creator of Android, Google makes some of the most well-known apps to run the Android operating system. One of these can be found in Google Keep, which is the top note-taking app available for Android.

From textual data to images, Google Keep makes it easy to write down everything. You can even record to a voice memo while when you’re on the move and the app will automatically translate it. Notes are organized as sticky notes that are digitally stored, and each note is given a different color to make it better for visual recognition. There is the option of adding notes with individual reminders along with other information like dates, times, and locations where you’d like to be kept on track. Important notes can be pinned to the top of your list for faster access. Additionally, you can invite others (via email) to work on notes. Google Notes supports gesture writing, too. The notes can be organized with labels and transferred directly into Google Docs. It makes it simple to create lists of tasks while entries can be rearranged or contain checkboxes.

Google Keep is available for both Android and iOS. It is accessible on the web too.


Although most apps can support multiple note types, they utilize the same method for handling each of them. This is the reason why Zoho Notebook stands out from the rest, employing an individual approach to each note type. If you are looking for a note-taking application that handles all kinds of notes with ease, Zoho Notebook is going to be a perfect choice.

Due to its stunning design based on cards Zoho Notebook allows you to manage different kinds of notes in a breeze. Each card comes with an individual color (e.g. Yellow for Text Blue for Checklists or red color for music) that allows you to visually identify the different cards with a glance. Each card has unique functions that make it simple to keep track of the notes that go with the cards. For example, the Text card is a great tool to create to-do lists as well as capture whiteboards. Additionally, the File card allows users to include PDFs, Word documents, and spreadsheets into notes. Additionally, there are Smart Cards, which automatically convert the information stored inside Zoho Notebook to make it look more attractive. Zoho Notebook is also compatible with a variety of gestures, including pinch to arrange notes in stacks or move to locate the note you’re searching for.

Despite its extensive feature set, Zoho Notebook is completely free to download and use. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and the Web.


A majority of applications save notes on clouds using account data and only your password for your account is required to access the notes. Although this is a good idea it’s not one of the safest. To increase security, you should secure your notes before saving them. This is exactly the purpose Saferoom is all about.

It’s the most secure note-taking software accessible, Saferoom provides your notes an additional layer of protection. It’s important to mention that Saferoom does not have note-taking features that are it’s own. Instead, it’s developed to work in conjunction with various other apps. It allows you to encrypt the notes you take, which can then be saved to any compatible cloud services. For those who are interested, Saferoom supports Evernote, OneNote, and Office 365. It utilizes the zero-knowledge rule to protect data. It means the password for encryption is only known to you and there’s no method to retrieve the encrypted data in case you forget or lose your password. The good thing is that Saferoom doesn’t alter the nature or size of notes in encryption, making them easily accessible in standard apps. The app’s extensions allow you to secure files that you have encrypted from other apps directly into OneNote/Evernote.

Saferoom is compatible with popular applications like 1Password along with LastPass to allow the use of passwords.

What’s the best way to make a note-taking app Function?

Note-taking software is an application that allows you to keep track of all sorts of notes on your phone. You can record and organize ideas while on the move and organize your thoughts and even track photos and images. If you install an app for note-taking it allows you to note directly within the application, add pictures or save things like voice recordings. It helps you organize notes according to categories and keep them up-to-date and organized.

What does the cost of a note-taking app cost?

The majority of note-taking apps are completely free and come with your smartphone pre-installed or are available for download through the app store on your device. These apps can replace paper and pen and organize a variety of things such as personal, work notes from school and personal, and also important goals and reminders.

Most apps are completely free. The only expense is if require an upgraded version that has larger cloud storage. In this situation, it could cost just a few dollars per month to have the additional storage.

How to Choose the best Note-taking apps

We selected the best apps after looking over and analyzing various apps and the features they offer. We picked the top note-taking apps based on their compatibility with mobile devices, their storage capabilities, the types of notes that are stored along with organizational tools, and much more.

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