7 Types of Employees You’ll Need for Your Business in 2023

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There are many different types of employees that make up your business’s workforce, and as the years go by, some will become more important than others depending on the type of business you run. In 2023, certain roles will be valued over others because they possess specific skillsets and traits that aren’t always easy to find in people. Here are 7 types of employees you’ll need for your business in 2023.

1) The social media manager

As the world becomes more and more digital, businesses need to have a strong online presence. This is where a social media manager comes in. They will be responsible for creating and managing your company’s social media accounts. A good social media manager will help you build a strong online brand and connect with potential and current customers. It’s also important that they can strategize and create content which will resonate with your target audience.

2) The coffee shop employee

If you’re planning on opening a coffee shop in 2023, you’ll need to hire baristas, roasters, and retail staff. Baristas are the front-line employees who make and serve the coffee. Roasters develop the flavor profiles of the beans used in coffee. Retail staff manage customers’ orders and handle money. Hireflex can help you find qualified candidates for all three positions. Here’s what each type of employee will be doing:

3) A blockchain engineer

There’s no doubt that blockchain will play a big role in business in the coming years. As more and more companies adopt the technology, the demand for blockchain engineers will only grow. Hireflex is your answer to finding skilled employees for your company. 

We are an online marketplace connecting skilled employees with job openings at all levels from entry-level to executive-level. 

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4) The ‘Ikea monkey’ furniture designer

Ikea monkey is a nickname given to a specific type of designer furniture that has been popularized in recent years. This type of furniture is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, making it perfect for small spaces or for people who move frequently. Ikea monkey furniture is also known for its stylish, minimalist design. If you’re looking to add some Ikea monkey furniture to your home or office, here are seven pieces you’ll need

5) The freelance translator

If you’re running a business in 2023, you’ll need to hire a freelance translator. This type of employee is skilled in translating written documents from one language to another. They can also interpret spoken words and translate them into written form. In many cases, the translation process is automated. 

A translation agency provides the translation for businesses that don’t have the capability or staff to do it themselves. 

This will be your go-to person if you’re ever doing business with a company based overseas – most likely in Europe or Asia. The whole point of this post was for us at Hireflex to help your small business find the perfect employees for what you need!

6) The delivery driver

As businesses increasingly move online, the demand for delivery drivers will continue to grow. If you’re thinking of starting a business in 2023, consider hiring a delivery driver.

Here are seven reasons why

1) Delivery drivers can deliver your products directly to your customers’ homes or offices;

2) Drivers provide another means of income for your company;

3) Drivers save on shipping costs and can make sure packages arrive on time;

4) They allow for a quick turnaround from product creation to distribution;

5) Deliveries require less manpower than other types of services because only one person is needed at a time;

6) They offer flexible hours because they work independently or through dispatch companies;

7) Drivers can transport more goods than an individual would be able to carry. 

Continuation (six+ sentences): Are you considering starting up a business in 2023? 

Consider hiring a delivery driver today!

7) The A.I. researcher

The year is 2023, and artificial intelligence (A.I.) is now an integral part of our lives. From helping us with our daily tasks to keeping us entertained, A.I. has become ubiquitous. And as A.I. continues to evolve, so too does the workforce. Here are 6 types of employees you’ll need for your business in 2023

  1. A.I. researcher: As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly smarter, they will require specialists that can provide guidance on design and programming. 
  2. Cybersecurity specialist: It’s predicted that by 2023, cybercrime will cost $6 trillion globally–that’s more than the entire global economy! Hire an expert today to keep your company protected from these risks tomorrow. 
  3. Marketing strategist: Consumers want one thing–authenticity! Brands will continue to fight for consumer attention by showcasing their unique stories in new ways that consumers want to see them told–and not just online. Your marketing team needs strategists who know how to tell those stories across multiple channels. 
  4. Data scientist: Who doesn’t need someone who can find patterns and insights in all of the data? That’s where data scientists come into play–using numbers to help create a plan for success in any industry. 
  5. Designer: With technology becoming ever more prevalent, there are still many spaces that designers have yet to touch. Be ahead of the curve by employing designers who specialize in UX/UI development, graphics or interface design. 
  6. Drone operator: Regulations surrounding drones will be evolving as society catches up with this innovation…but soon enough we’ll need someone who knows how to fly them!
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