10 Food Truck Theme Ideas

Truck food ideas

Examples to Inspire Your New Concept

Many believed that food trucks were just a passing fashion, however, it appears like they’re staying. The mobile eateries have made a huge leap since the days of ice cones and hot dogs with food trucks now offering everything from gourmet cupcakes to street food that is ethnic fusion. If you have an idea and think about a menu idea, odds that you’ll be able to create an industry for food trucks. While these mobile eateries develop and expand, so do their menus. With low startup costs and great mobility, they are able to be found in remote areas, at weddings, and other private gatherings, food trucks could be an excellent method to showcase your culinary talents to the rest of the world.


Barbecue is a fantastic idea since it is a low-cost meal with high-end popularity. Carnivore BBQ out of Washington, D.C. is a blend of the finest Texas-style barbecue, with locally sourced food items and eco-friendly packaging. A bonus? The sweet, smokey smell emanating from your vehicle is a different version of guerrilla advertising.


This trend in food has proven its ability. The best cupcakes could be set plain and basic or indulgent. Sassi Cakes in Buffalo, New York, offers a large selection of premium cupcakes. They also offer drinks with alcohol like margarita or sangria. They also provide catering services and deliver cupcakes up to 50 miles away and thus increasing their profits potential.

Ethnic Fusion

Combining one or more different cuisines creates delicious ideas. The current trends in ethnic fusions include Korean barbeque and Vietnamese cuisine. Guerrilla Street Food in St. Louis, Missouri, offers a modern version of many traditional Filipino dishes, including the Sisig Taco which includes cooked and braised pig’s ears and tongue as well as the belly. Food trucks can be an opportunity to experience something new.


Paninis that are gourmet sandwiches require just a few items (a panini presses or perhaps two) and provide a wide selection of dining options. they’re perfect for the lunch crowd as well as a delicious after-hours snack. Bikini Panini out of Richmond, Virginia, offers paninis and other dishes that have a Mediterranean style.

Organic and local fare

Local food and organic produce don’t have to become boring. Actually, the tastes are often awe-inspiring and blow commercially produced products over the top. The meat and vegetables are available locally nearly everywhere and are an excellent method to advertise the idea of a food truck as a sustainable enterprise. Do you want to take it a step more? Change your engine to an eco-diesel or hybrid unit.

European Flavors

The Old World makes its resurgence through food trucks. The Bratwurst King provides bratwurst (obviously) and paprika-chicken, Austrian goulash, and homemade strudel and cakes all over the Washington, D.C., region. The idea is to take this to the max, you’re selling the idea of culinary transportation.

American Regional Cuisine

The food truck known as the Red Hook Lobster Pot transports Maine lobsters to New York City. The food truck has a selection of traditional New England specialties, from lobster rolls to Chowder clams. Gumbo trucks are available as well as poutine trucks, taco trucks, and many other trucks. Provide something that your customers won’t typically find in your region.


Waffle trucks are available in a variety of varieties, from waffles to chicken, as well as simple waffles that are made of maple syrup and butter, to gourmet waffles that include fresh blueberries, lemon cream cheese, or lemon. The concept, similar to tacos or paninis can be enjoyed throughout the time and can be equally popular with eating breakfast, as it will have been at three a.m. Waffle Crush in Phoenix, Arizona, has an array of waffles to suit every mood and any time of the day.


A popular choice is Burgers are served plainly or with flair. Burgers are always a hit however they tend to be among the most popular niches. There are just too many trucks in this category to list. You could consider adding a spin from one of the other models that are listed to create a burger truck that is truly distinctive.

Ice Cream

The food truck’s original theme and an American classic Ice cream truck is a blank canvas, so you can be as imaginative as you’d like. Serve creamy Italian gelato or traditional American flavors like the rocky roads or peanut butter Fudge. There are also homemade gelato popsicles, like Hip POPS located in Miami, Florida. Some of the more creative Ice cream trucks serve their product during the summer months and then convert the truck to be used in the off-season or lease it out completely.

Food trucks are available in all varieties and themes. The latest trends are appearing each day. What is your new style?

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